Thursday 24 June 2010

RIP Subway

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This is all that’s left of the London Road Subway in Headington. Builders have filled it in with concrete and are now building a new pedestrian walkway on top of it:

The council went ahead and bowed to pressures of the national government (apparently the redevelopment was engineered with London commuters in mind) and filled in this pedestrian thoroughfare, art gallery and vital piece of local culture. But rest assured I still have all the photos I took of the subway’s glorious street art and I reproduce it here on HPANWO! RIP Subway. The originals may one day be uncovered by future archaeologists. I hope those descendants of ours will raise their hands in shock and disbelief at our stupidity in the same way they do today at the desecration of the Aztec sacred sites and idols by the Conquistadors:

(Addendum- 4/7/10): The local press is covering this subject again and has interviewed me:

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