Thursday 28 December 2023

Janet Ossebaard Dies

I've got some very sad news for what might be my last article of the year. Janet Ossebaard has passed away. Janet was a Dutchwoman, like my mother, who first came to my attention in the videos she and Bert Janssen made together; and others with Miles Johnston and Christopher Everard. These were mostly about crop circles and their associated phenomena. I met Janet a couple of times at conferences in the 2000's and 2010's. In more recent years she has been researching a subject I cannot name on this platform, but it is described in detail in the links on this portal: Sadly Janet fought a secret battle against depression her whole life and in mid-November she disappeared. There was a lot of speculation about where she was or what had been done to her, and by whom, and this conjecture still goes on even now; but the tragic truth is she simply ended her own life with an overdose of medicine. Horrifically, this was only confirmed when the campervan she was staying in was forcibly moved because of a parking violation a few days ago. Right now, I see no reason to disbelieve this explanation. Cyntha Koeter, Janet's partner and co-director of the documentary Fall of the Cabal, has made a statement, see: Janet may have left this world now, but her good work goes on because her website and videos are still there, although naturally banned from all mainstream social media, see: Rest in peace, Janet; and deepest condolences to Cyntha and all Janet's family and friends.

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