Wednesday 13 December 2023

Has MH370x Won?

See here for essential background:
Since the initial revelations by Ashton Forbes that made me rethink MH370, there have been a series of major updates that have veered the subject from one side of the likelihood path to the other. Over the weekend a few posts appeared by people claiming to have debunked Ashton's discoveries. They recreated very similar images using their own special effects methods and also showed files that appear to be the original graphic templates of the mysterious footage. The best known of these are the Corridor Crew, a team who specialize in folk media analysis; also an independent researcher called Jonas De Ro. Source: and: Last month Andrew Johnson posted a very positive video when Ashton first went public; he then followed it up with another suggesting Ashton might be an agent... original I know. He has now immediately jumped on the "they're fake!" bandwagon. This is one of the hallmarks of a backslapper; as soon as it is even suggested something might be a hoax they instantly drop it like a hot potato and bolt. One thing a backslapper finds unbearable is the thought that they too have been taken in. Their vanity won't allow them to risk otherwise. They have to be the one who is always in the know about everything. Only "ordinary people" get duped by frauds; while the streetwise and superior backslapper loves to lord it over them. Source: Ashton has struck back against the attempt to discredit him, engaging in long debates on Twitter with Jonas De Ro, the Corridor Crew and their supporters. He has cancelled the "bounty" though, and I know that looks suspicious. He originally offered a hefty cash reward to anybody who could come up with the original video files of this supposed animation. This is a double-edged sword. It is a good way of adding credibility to your theory and weakening the skeptic position, in an inversion of James Randi's Million Dollar Challenge; but it can also generate an explosion of bogus applications. This happened a few decades ago when a newspaper offered £10,000 to anybody who could come up with a truly genuine photograph or video of Nessie. The result was that Loch Ness was inundated with people rushing there with lumps of clay and toy boats, hoping to produce a good enough fake to fool the experts, just so they could get their hands on the money.
The arguments continued, but then last night all hell broke loose. Ashton Forbes started an emergency livestream announcing that somebody had sent him a series of images that appear to be stills from videos and screenshots from a PDF article. This is an unnamed person Ashton has been in touch with for a while. The person, christened "the leaker", has not yet sent Ashton the original videos and PDF at the time of writing. Ashton is very excited and kept repeating: "If this is real then we've won!", meaning his debates with the skeptics. The first set of images show what looks like a window behind which is an office or briefing room with a whiteboard on the wall. There is a stepladder in the foreground indicating some construction work in progress. It is impossible to know where this office is but its architecture is similar to other structures at the Car Nicobar air base. This is an Indian military base in the Nicobar Islands, within the range of the drone Ashton believes made one of his original videos, to where he believes the Malaysian Airlines plane encountered the UAP's. There are people in the stills who have been crudely obliterated with red streaks, probably because they are identifiable and the leaker wants them to remain anonymous. The PDF appears to contain independent visuals of the airliner and UAP's. Source: Could all this be faked? Of course; what could not be faked these days? However, as Ashton points out, this would be an extremely elaborate hoax that would need a lot of effort, with a lot of very detailed anecdotal data, far more than would be necessary. Many viewers in the livechat warned Ashton that this might be a massive troll. He doubts that and so do I. All people in his position are faced with a dilemma and there are only two choices in the absence of complete certainty, publish or do not publish. If he publishes and it turns out to be faked evidence, he gets massive egg on his face and the trolls have a good laugh; but what if he declines to publish and the evidence is real? There is a huge risk that the government will track down the leaker and himself, and redeem the classified material before anybody has a chance to see it. If he has broadcast it to the world then so many people will have seen it and recorded it that covering up the leak will be impossible. Can he risk that? I think not. No matter what happens next, I think Ashton has done the right thing. Where this story progresses from here nobody knows. Ashton is going to appeal to the leaker to send him more evidence, at least enough to verify the material as genuine. I don't think it is a coincidence that this revelation has broken just as the NDAA 2024 Schumer Amendment was scuppered by congressional agents of the Truth Embargo. It has made almost inevitable what has been termed "catastrophic Disclosure", and this data drop could be a part of that, see (second half): I'll be sure to report any further updates on HPANWO Voice and elsewhere.
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Anonymous said...

Apologies for this being off topic, Ben but I was wondering if you've heard about the film "King Of UFOs"

It was mentioned on UKColumn, of all places, last week. They even played the trailer for it. 😃

Here's the info about it from IMDB:

The film explores the British Royal family's interest in UFOs and the paranormal from the days of Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Philip and now King Charles. It also explores the claims that Charles flew a UFO back in 1975 in Canada.

Interesting!! 🙂


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi GlowTone. Thanks for reading HPANWO Voice.
I've not seen the film yet, but it sounds fascinating. I'm familiar with some of the Royals' interest in UFO's. Lord Mountbatten was famous for it and it might be related to his assassination, which was blamed on Irish republicans when there's more evidence for it being an MI6 hit. Prince Philip was a very keen UFOlogist and even read John Hanson's Haunted Skies series. His secretary Sir Peter Horsley reported that he once MET AN ALIEN to pass on a message to Philip.
Best wishes.