Monday 25 December 2023

Ryan Coogler to Direct New X-Files

At Christmas we automatically get a sense of reflection and prediction. We dwell on the year that has passed and wonder what will happen between now and the next Yuletide. One thing I wonder every Christmas is whether we'll see the return of a TV series that, it will be no surprise to anybody who knows me to find out, is one of my favourites. I am, of course, talking about The X-Files. This 90's sci-fi drama forms the nearest thing to a creation mythology that the Conspirasphere has, and I know very few fellow UFO/para/con enthusiasts who have not been influenced by it. It is also a "franchise", a word that has taken on an extra meaning in the last decade or so to describe the entire culture of fandom and inspiration that surrounds a fictional phenomenon. The central problem with franchises these days is that we are losing them. They are being poisoned and perverted by new writers and directors whose only objective is to turn them into delivery systems for "the Message", aka wokery, see the background link below. Star Trek, James Bond, Terminator, Roald Dahl, Star Wars; and even the keep of the fortress, JRR Tolkien, have been ripped apart by rainbow-striped hyenas and reassembled into deformed mutants of their former selves. Why do the wokies not simply invent their own franchises and produce new stories? If they did so I would have no complaints. They don't do that for two reasons. Firstly, they lack the spirit to create anything; and secondly, and more urgently, because they know nobody would watch their rubbish. They have to sneak "the Message" into our minds by infecting established cult fiction. The most topical example is Russell T Davies taking a pickaxe to Doctor Who, see:!-you’re-just-being-gaslit!:6; as if it wasn't bad enough already. Obviously the aforementioned hyenas are constantly patrolling the savannah of popular culture to see if there are any remnants of reactionary fiction left alive. It's possible they may have found one of the last survivors, and I'm sad to report that it is my beloved X-Files.
It has been announced that a new series of The X-Files is going to be produced, six years after the excellent revitalization of season eleven in 2018. The downfall began in 2020 when Fox sold the rights to Disney, which is always a bit of a storm warning. Ryan Coogler is a newcomer to Hollywood. His debut was with an independent film just ten years ago. I consider him a mediocre-to-bad filmmaker. Creed and Black Panther were reasonably watchable while Black Panther 2- Wakanda Forever was abysmal; see here for my review of it: He is, inevitably, in line with the "progressive" new ethos of Hollywood and therefore when I found out Disney have put him in charge of the new X-Files reboot my heart sank. Chris Carter himself has revealed that he has been in talks with Coogler about trying to "remount The X-Files with a diverse cast". Does Chris not have more respect for his creation? Source: Scully's actress Gillian Anderson had quit the series after season eleven and David Duchovny, Mulder, said he would never do another series unless it was with Gillian and Chris. Gillian has also said that The X-Files is "very much in the past for me." So it looks like any new X-Files a will not feature the definitive duo, at least not with the same thespians; maybe that's for the best. Obviously this new X-Files has not even been made yet, but it's pretty obvious what it is going to end up like. All the ingredients are there for another hatchet job. A crappy anti-white director and Disney's previous disregard for preserving the traditions old fans love. So will I be watching it? Unlikely, unless Coogler and Disney break all their existing rules. Like fans of all the other franchises which have been eviscerated and corroded by cultural Marxist propaganda, we just have to say goodbye. We must treat our precious programmes as if they have simply ended, because they really have. As for The X-Files; at the end of the day, we have eleven seasons of brilliant stories and two feature films from 1993 to 2018 that we can enjoy any time we like on DVD or online. The same goes for all the other franchises. They can't take that away from us!... Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all HPANWO readers.
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