Wednesday 2 February 2022


Blackout is a 2013 dystopian found footage TV drama from Channel 4 that tells the story of a nationwide power-cut in Britain that lasts an entire week. The cause of the loss of electricity is not comprehensively revealed, but there are many things, both natural and artificial, that could make this scenario a reality; a cyber attack, an earthquake, a hurricane, a deliberate government shutdown (by far the most likely), an electromagnetic pulse from a high altitude nuclear explosion or a Carrington event, that is a freak radiation burst from the sun. The scale of the catastrophe is revealed mostly through a series of video diaries and it illustrates how dependent civilization is on the functional supply of electricity. Without it people are trapped in a world where they can't buy anything, they can't fuel their cars, public transport isn't running, there is no artificial lighting at night, no heating, the mains water and gas fail; and worst of all, they might even be stuck in a lift. Some places have backup generators, like hospitals. My own had over a week's supply of fuel for two big diesel powered ones; but most other places do not. The film also features the ex-9/11 truther Charlie Veitch, see: Source: I've written many times about how our electricity generation methods are truly terrible, see the background links below, but so is its delivery system, which is totally centralized. Of course this is partly deliberate for the same reason our generation methods are what they are; because it gives authorities control over the population. No doubt the disaster portrayed in Blackout would be met with a dismissive shrug, or even glee, in some quarters. I decided to watch it again because the eventuality depicted is one I considered, in a recent HPANWO TV livestream, second-most likely in my list of next steps the Deep State will take now they seem to be giving up on the coronavirus plan, see: Watch Blackout and brace yourselves!
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