Friday 25 February 2022

RT Censored

Even before the devastating invasion of Ukraine that began yesterday, see:, Sir Keir Starmer made a speech in Parliament demanding that Ofcom withdraw the broadcasting licence from Russia Today. Source: I should not be surprised by this. Governments have become increasingly blunt and barefaced in their tyranny post-2020 and their drive for censorship is not as cloaked as it used to be. They do still sometimes use diversionary catchphrases like: "countering misinformation", "fact checking" and "trust the science", but more and more they are laying their cards on the table and admitting that these are simply opinions and knowledge that they don't want the people to have access to. Starmer calls RT President Putin's personal propaganda tool. Indeed their YouTube uploads all have a Wikibox that says: RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government. However, the BBC, which is not only funded but owned by the UK state, has no such disclaimer. And as we've seen, it is a personal propaganda tool of whoever in the globalist cabal runs Great Britain. I would be infuriated to see RT banned from the TV networks. RT is one of the few interesting and open-minded news channels around; one of the others being GB News. They regularly interview anti-establishment figures whose appearance in the mainstream media would be unthinkable. Sure, their general stance is pro-Russian; but look how unbendingly anti-Russian the rest of the media is. Why does nobody complain about that? Ofcom, the Office of Communications, is a regulatory agency that is intended to protect the public from harmful content on TV, radio and the rest of the media. It was never supposed to be a political censorship organization. Mind you, banks were originally set up merely to keep people's money, but today are being used to freeze the bank accounts of the Canadian Truckers, see: and shut down the finances of people who join the wrong political party. There are few forces in the world as destructive as a government that is frightened, but it is still a good thing that they are frightened. I've a feeling they know far more about what is really going on than we do; and that's why they're scared. I take hope from that. Following recent events, I'm sure RT will eventually be taken off the UK terrestrial listings; but remember, regardless of Ofcom's actions, you can still watch RT online, see:
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