Thursday 17 February 2022

Prince Andrew Off The Hook

I am very disappointed to report that the lawsuit against Prince Andrew is over. He has settled out of court with Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Source: This is a crushing disappointment. I had come to believe that Ms Giuffre was a genuine whistleblower, a voice for the voiceless victims of elite paedophile gangs. Andrew was meant to be the key to the dungeon. I was confident he was going to go down and take hundreds of evil hangers on with him. I know the Duke of York paid his accuser some hush money a few years ago and I said when I found out, she should have refused to accept it. Now she has accepted another payment and is dropping the entire case. Maybe I have misjudged her all along. Maybe she really is just another MeToo gold-digger who happens to have snared the most lucrative victim. What does this mean for the future? Are there any other holes in the barricade? Well, there is Ghislaine Maxwell. She's in jail for life now, but she might still be persuaded to come clean, that is if she doesn't "commit suicide" like her boyfriend. It is possible something will break out that can reopen the investigation into Prince Andrew. Hopefully this time it will result in a criminal prosecution that he won't be able to buy his way out of. Right now there is no sign that this will happen. It's a forlorn hope.
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Unknown said...

Another victim of Jeffery Epstein and Prince Andrew is Jessica Leigh Collins.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I've seen her a few times and I see she has a website. She doesn't look like she's after money.