Thursday, 21 April 2011


Today I watched a remarkable film. PharmaWhores is the latest movie from Dr Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane (See here for background to Len Horowitz: You can watch it as an online stream for just a small donation; it’s well worth it! I’ve often said that I suspected that major media Skeptics are funded and supported by mainstream establishment science institutions to suppress dissent, but I never saw any hard evidence… until now! This film explores the links between two of the most famous Skeptic celebrities, Penn and Teller, and the Pharmaceutical Industry. There’s a wonderful scene where Len and Sherri turn the tables on Penn and Teller. As you’ll know if you watch their Skeptical programme Bullshit!, the not-so-Dynamic Duo don’t interview their victims personally, but do so incognito with anonymous camera crews. (This table has already been turned before a bit with the Expelled movie which I review here: In this way the victim will act naturally and not suspect that they’re about to be BS-slain. But Len and Sherri got wise to them and there’s a wonderful scene where the camera crew turn up and Len and Sherri have posters about their research all over the walls, and they’re even wearing T-shirts with it on too! The camera crew takes a very brief look around with worried expressions on their faces; hushed conversations into mobile phones follow, and then they almost bolt like rabbits! I recommend this film very much! Here’s the page where you can watch it:

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