Tuesday 26 April 2011

Popping the Question

At work today a nurse “popped the Question”. She did it right there and then and asked me directly! I didn’t know how to respond!

We were walking along a corridor and she asked me how long I’d been a Porter. I replied: “Dunno, 23, 24 years”. She then said: “Oh, have you ever thought about becoming a HCA?” (Health Care Assistant). I admit I was caught on the back foot! I decided to be sarcastic: “No, I’m too young! I want action and adventure on my life. I’m not ready to settle down into a quiet and sedate civilian life…. So have you ever thought about becoming a Porter?” Ha ha!

It could have been worse! I hate it when they make that tutting noise in the mouth and go: “Ben… Ben… 24 years as a Porter? Why don’t you do something better? You could go up the ladder? Surely you don’t want to be just a Porter all your life! It’s such a waste!” If she had said that I’d have walked off after saying something to her that would have landed me in a whole heap of trouble.

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Cabal said...

Hehehe, you naughty boy, Ben :)
Anyway, I think that this HCA post is over-rated. It's not "climbing the ladder" by any means. It's just like jumping from lower step of one ladder to lower step of another, this time - NHS flagship, i'd say - ladder. Just ask yr colleague, Tracy, A&E HCA. Once she said, I quote "I'm doing 96% of nurses' job, yet I won't be one of them... and I'm paid less". No comment. As HCA you may be asked to - for instance - clean patient's shit. Literally. Thanks. I'd prefer to be porter too. It's good job, lots of banter (sometimes), good company of down-on-Earth people, some stress, but OK in general. Just we should be paid a wee bit more, as people living in Britain's 2nd most expensive city :))) but that's up to City Council geezers, I understand.
Yet, I can't agree with this lack of adventure in HCA/doctors/nurses tasks. They have it, even in greater amount than us.
P&D from Jakub