Wednesday 20 September 2023

Gayle Fidler on Gef

Following Richard's video about our Isle of Man mission, see:, another member of the expedition, Gayle Fidler, has done her own report for the Spooky Isles webzine, see: The article is a dialogue between Gayle and members of LAPIS and mentions a new film about to be released about Gef, see:; I'll look forward to seeing that. The idea for the project came from where the best ideas always come from, some drinks at a pub. This year's was the team's third trip to the Isle of Man; obviously we had to take time off for the pandemic. On previous trips, Dan has also been along with Steve who's a pagan. I wanted to go to those two as well, but had to cancel for various reasons; third time lucky! The presence of mongooses on the island is certain, or at least it used to be. They were released from the house we stayed in, Eary Cushlin, in 1912. Jenny Randles claims to have seen a mongoose during her own visits to the island. One of the things we wanted to find out was if any mongooses are still alive there. It's possible, but of course we didn't expect to find another that could talk. Gayle was accompanied as usual by her husband Ben, who is not to be confused with me. We are both equally bald, but Gayle's Ben is usually seen walking round in a black kilt; and you'll never see me wearing that. I was surprised that most of the Manx people we spoke to did not believe in Gef. They cynically denounce it as a money making scam by the Irvings. It's a shame because Gef could be a goldmine for the Isle of Man. They could build a tourist industry based on him in the same way Roswell does with its UFO crash, and there's nothing wrong with that, see:

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