Wednesday 13 September 2023

Aliens in Mexico?

When I found out the government in Mexico was going to hold its own hearings on UAP similar to those just carried out in the USA, see:, I took great interest. This Mexican one looked more promising than those so far passed in Washington, with a longer lineup of witnesses; all of whom pledged to testify under oath. The hearings were due to take place in the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house. Mexico has a very similar governmental structure to the United States and this is the equivalent of the Federal House of Representatives. I was pleased to see Cristina Gomez was going to stream it live. She's a "Latina" so can speak Spanish and has an outlook and judgement I respect; plus she's not afraid to deal the backslappers a stinging backhand, see: Her cohost is Jimmy Church who was at the Awakening Expo, see: The livestream was fun. Cristina and Jimmy have a great chemistry, although Jimmy looked sleepy. As a Gringo he couldn't understand the proceedings. I also cannot speak Spanish, although I recognized a few words because my ex-partner Sue Ustane could speak it. I heard the term "Casablanca" meantioned a few times. I wondered if this was the wrong event and we'd accidentally stumbled into a classic movie fans club, but then I realized, casa blanca means "White House". They were talking about the situation in the US government. A few viewers were complaining about the lack of English dialogue, but actually Spanish is the only official language in Mexico and so they're not obliged to provide for any other. The master of ceremonies was Jaime Maussan. I know this is controversial and many people will no doubt wish he were not involved, but how do you stop Jaime getting involved with something like this? I don't think a double column of tanks could keep Jaime away from such an event. There was a lively and good-natured discussion in the chatbox and I bumped into a couple of people I recognized. However, in my time zone the hearing started at 11 PM and by midnight I was feeling tired. I had work in the morning and could not understand the dialogue, so by midnight I said goodbye and left. Just before I logged out I saw there was a pair of boxes on the stage with creamcoloured sheets draped over them, but didn't think much about it. Source:
I got up this morning and went to work. As I came home I hoped by now English subtitles would have been added to the video. Cristina assured us they would appear within a few hours. I logged into social media and gasped. There was a frenzy of activity surrounding last night's hearing. A dozen people were tagging me or DM-ing, asking me for comment. After I can gone to bed last night two alien bodies had been displayed. That was what was in the covered boxes... I kicked myself! The bodies took the form of standard greys and were mumified. Jaime explained that they had not come from a crashed UFO, at least not recently. They had been found in an ancient mine in Cuzco, Peru; the capital of the old Inca empire. They are very old, about a thousand years. This dates them to a similar era as the "Starchild", which was also found in a mine, this time in northern Mexico, see: According to DNA studies, the mummies are of an unknown species. Several scientists spoke on stage and presented X-ray plates; and they said that the beings had objects inside them that they called huevos, meaning "eggs". Source: This article is my only comment at the moment. We are dealing with breaking news and it is way too soon to make judgements. No doubt right now there is a frantic race between the various backslappers who are desperate to be the first to cry "FAKE!" without even looking at the evidence. Naturally, I am well aware that this whole revelation might indeed be a hoax. Who can forget the infamous "Roswell Slides", see: Yet right now we don't know that for sure either. Strangely enough, this very day NASA has just stated it intends to make a "big annoucement" on UAP, see: I'm not holding my breath; the last time they said that it was a massive anticlimax, see: Nevertheless I find it interesting that they publish this the morning after the Mexico hearing. Are the Americans scared Mexico will jump ahead and be the Disclosure nation? Somebody has asked me if I'm going to do my own HPANWO TV livestream. Yes, I will; but not yet. I'm going to wait a couple of days to see what developments occur. We definitely live very interesting times. That's a good name for a newspaper.
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Snarnok said...

Do you remember when the DNA analysis of the Starchild skull came back with the father being non-human? It was very quickly forgotten about. It would not surprise me if the Starchild skull is not mentioned or presented in these Mexican hearings.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I do indeed, Snarnok.
Sadly the new owner of the skull decided to bury it under the Native American Graves Repatriation and Protection Act so now it's lost. If anybody tried to dig it up they'll get arrested. So, no. We will not see it at any hearing. We might one day see the evidence gathered in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Sadly these were debunked around a month ago in a series of videos on the scientists against myths you tube channel.

The title in the series that show bones and their source animals and the bones/construction used in these particular taxidermy models is called Aliens Cutaway | Nazca Humanoid Mummies: The Big Fraud. Episode-2 | Fake science spotlight.

The series was focused more specifically on the Nazca mummies fraud by the same reporter Jaime Maussan. Perhaps Jaime wanted to do a big reveal before this was more widely known regarding these 'models'. It's a shame frauds like this undermine any tangible evidence if and when it does reach the public domain.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. The video was uploaded 2 years ago and that doesn't surprise me because I interviewed Steve Mera of Phenomena magazine on the same subject, see:

Although Steve did call out the "ritual" models, some of which were also identified in the hearing, he does not accept that the bodies are all fakes.

I know Jaime Maussan has cried wolf many times before, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. If this is a hoax then it's reached a very high level, the Mexican government!

Anonymous said...

They do resemble ancient cave and rock drawings. They have the odd square shoulders that I have never been able to visualise. Is this what these people were drawing? Maybe another hoax but still......We will see!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes these 'alien bodies' displayed recently were discovered over two years ago (the same bodies are in the video) but only recently has the 'debunking' been specific to these bodies (the x rays, DNA analysis, supposed rare implants and eggs).

The problem is if you have lied previously and do it again it isn't being wrong it's deliberate faking so the stopped clock analogy really isn't correct here Ben.

Yes the Mexican government seems high level but the reality is this 'evidence' hasn't been conducted by them and only by one paid for institution in Mexico without peer review (a necessity for any scientific analysis to be deemed accurate). If those 'bodies are subsequently sent to another country (why weren't these looked at in Peru?) and the same results are shown then we have a discovery that is truly historic. My instinct is saying this is another hoax by a known hoaxer and they will be shown to be created in exactly the same way as previously albeit more elaborately to fool more people. This gets me angry and frustrated at Steve if I'm totally honest.

Snarnok said...

Have one that is fake, then the people will assume that all the rest are fake including real ones. Remember several videos came out in the 90's of aliens and one was probably real and the rest were fakes done on purpose. Another one of their tactics along with PRS, etc. Nothing more to see here folks, go back to your celeb tweets and big sporting events.

Anonymous said...

'the DNA analysis of the Starchild skull came back with the father being non-human?'

That's incorrect. DNA testing in 1999 at BOLD (Bureau of Legal Dentistry), a forensic DNA lab in Vancouver, British Columbia, found standard X and Y chromosomes in two samples taken from the skull. Novella considers this "conclusive evidence" that the child was both male and human, and that both of his parents must have been human in order for each to have contributed one of the human sex chromosomes.

DNA analysis is far more efficient nowadays however. These 'mummies' could be sent to any university and they would have the results complete within the day which makes me even more suspicious of the claim 30% 'unknown' DNA. PCR could amplify this DNA in 10 min, even '23 and me' could do it by post! Do 'aliens' have DNA like ours, why do they look humanoid? seems all too contrived tbh.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

My analogy of the stopped clock is correct because Jaime did not lie. He let his boundless enthusiasm run away with him.

Peer review for THIS subject? Are you kidding me? It is only now following this hearing that we might see some peer review and not echoes of laughter.

My "instinct" is that 2+2=5, does that make it true?

You don't explain exactly why Steve was wrong. Have you heard my interview with him on HPANWO Radio?

Snarnok is right. I'm open to the idea that it is a hoax, although in this polarized world everybody will denounce me as a wide-eyed "buh-leeva!" If it turns out a presentation this prestigious is fake it will be a massive blow for serious research.

Anon, you are wrong about the Starchild, see, but I do not refer to the details of the Starchild in this article so we'll leave the question at that.

Anonymous said...

Whether it’s a hoax or not, the probability that Aliens exist and are visiting us is extremely high if not conclusively true. Space is infinite, time is our own construct and we base it on our own limitations. Other life forms do and have existed forever and will exist forever.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Anon. Yes that's very true.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I've just finished a 5hr 27 min livestream on this subject on HPANWO TV. A lot of updates in this!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Correction: Steve later on DID find out the bodies he examined were all fakes. I don't know specifically if they were the same bodies shown in the Mexican parliament on Tuesday, but it makes them more suspicious either way.