Saturday 30 September 2023

Interview with StrayedAway

See here for essential background:
Ty, aka @StrayedAway, has been interviewed. A YouTuber called "Shane" has tracked him down and the two of them have had a phone conversation. This happened soon after the original voicemail incident, so I must apologize to HPANWO readers for not picking up on it back then. Ty had actually returned to Twitter under the handle @HOMOC1DE. I assume this is an alternation of "homicide", murder in other words; which is an odd name to give himself after all his previous terrified blurts. Erin Mahoney was not the only user wondering if Ty had just made the whole thing up. I doubted that for reasons I explain in the background links above, but could I be wrong? Ty explains what I guessed, that he had deleted his @StrayedAway account because it was now permanently associated with the weird voicemail. Also, sadly typical of social media, he received abusive and threatening messages. These were not confined to him alone. His family did too and his male partner was subjected to homophobic insults. Ty repeats the same basic story he told via his Tweets. The voicemail was real and was received exactly in the manner he described. He did not influence any of the subsequent analysis and so cannot comment on the various theories, except that he did suspect it was something from the government that he received by mistake, and I agree with him. He does not believe in most conspiracy theories, as I predicted. The late night photographer was also a real event and I can understand why it frightened him. He doesn't think this was a prank played on him by family or friends because they would surely have confessed by now, or he would have exposed them. It was also probably not what Shane theorizes, a random targeted joke. Ty does not fit the profile of a fertile dupe for a charade of this nature. Somebody who believes in the esoteric, but is also irrational and volatile would be a better victim. Source: Listening to Ty speaking live is enlightening because it makes me more certain that this whole thing was not a hoax. I never bought into the MH370 angle because, as I said at the time, I worked out independently that the grid coordinates, if that's what they were, relate to a place in Gabon, not Malaysia. Despite this, the ideas of an aircraft's occupants being nonhuman has come up more recently with the "crazy plane lady", see: I'm not saying there's a definite connection; I'm just curious. I don't think the supposed voice on the pilot's final radio transmission was a voice; in fact it sounds more like electronic interference, the kind that it quite common on wireless communications. Ty's interview clears up one part of the mystery, but the central question remains; who did this and why? Who sent the message and who was the correct recipient meant to be? What does the message really refer to? Ty has not learned anything further in that regard and neither, it seems, has anybody else.
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