Monday 2 October 2023

GB News Crisis

Since its launch in 2021 GB News had been a lifeline, breath of fresh air, haven, safe space, and many other things, for anybody who loathes the woke globalist deceptive mainstream media. It has been castigated and persecuted ruthlessly by the conformist norm for its whole two-year history. Its viewers have stood by it and defended it, including me, even thought it is not perfect; but unfortunately there are some distinct signs that GB News' stalwart resolution is caving in. Last Wednesday evening Laurence Fox was being interviewed by Dan Wooton when he attacked the journalist Ava Evans. Dan was told by the director live in the gallery to pull Fox up, but Dan didn't. The result was the predictable social media bedlam. Dan and Laurence were instantly suspended. Another presenter, Calvin Robinson threatened to go on strike over the issue, and was suspended the next day. The Australian CEO, Angelos Frangopoulos, said he was "appalled" by Laurence's comments, but refused to give further details. Source: It seems there is some kind of civil war going on inside GB News; one between the fundamentalists who want to stick two fingers up at the establishment and the realpoltikians who think they can best help the channel by cooperating with the establishment and appeasing the mainstream as much as possible. I am definitely on the side of the former. Nothing will ever be achieved by pandering for approval from those who will never approve. The mainstream media doesn't want to accommodate or contain GB News; they just want to destroy it. Anything short of direct confrontation is simply weakening our position. I know this means GB News might end up an internet only platform, or even an alt-tech exclusive like RT; but that is the price we all have to pay for being principled in a corrupt world. Dan Wooton has issued a public apology and that is a big mistake. Laurence Fox happily remains defiant, see:
The mainstream media is portraying this whole issue in the one-sided way it always was bound to; that nasty old misogynistic Laurence Fox was insulting poor sweet innocent Ava Evans. The truth of the matter is that Laurence was sorely provoked, as he explains in his video above. Ava Evans and her fellow presenters on The Politics Show treated the issue of escalating male suicide rates in a dismissive and nonchalant manner. To be fair, Ava later recanted her statement; but despite this she has made other demeaning comments in the past about "White!" "Men!" for which she has never apologized, including a time when she was, amazingly, in a studio with Connor from Podcast of the Lotus Eaters, see: Niall Murphy has also made a good video about this, see: We are approaching a time soon, probably the moment the next general election has passed, when there will be another massive push to reintroduce the Online Harms Bill. We need to be tough and uncompromising in this battle to come. There is no point being a free speech TV channel if you're going to fall into countersignalling so easily. I therefore ask GB News' management to lift unconditionally all three suspensions on their presenters and allow them back on the air. This should be done without any qualifications or half-heartedness. If GB News fails then it will dissolve into just another pushbutton attenuated husk of what it used to be, and is supposed to be. Luckily in today's culture another outlet would replace it in that situation, and if so let's hope that one has more courage.
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