Sunday 8 October 2023


A few months ago I reported on a series of mainstream advertisements about what appeared to be a free energy device, see: Now something else very similar has happened. There is a lot of talk in the mainstream about something called "Air-Gen". This is a device invented by an electrical engineer, Jun Yao, and a microbiologist with the self-deprecating name of Derek Lovley. I'm guessing from his name that the former is Chinese or has Chinese roots. It's odd that experts in those two fields team up, but in this case they have because their creation involves both specialities. The Air-Gen is short for "air generation" and it works by breeding a microbe called Geobacter sulfurreducens that produces protein "nanowires". The nanowires form a very thin film, just a few micrometres thick, onto which tiny electrodes are attached. The film absorbs water from atmospheric humidity and this leads to a chemical reaction with the proteins that produces an electric current. Unlike wind and solar power, the Air-Gen is not dependent on the weather; and it also doesn't need much water so it can work in very arid environments. The power generated is very low; 0.5 volts at 17 microamps per square centimetre of film, but this might be enough for powering small electronics like a wristwatch or mobile phone. It could also "help power your home" if it were incorporated into the walls and roofs of houses, a bit like the piezoelectric surfaces that generate electricity when the wind blows on them. Source: Technically this counts as a free energy device because its source of power is free, but would it be practical on a large industrial scale? We know that the conventional permitted free energy methods of wind and solar etc are having terrible trouble doing so. This has led some environmentalists to swallow the nuclear pill, see: I find these scientific curiosities interesting, but really the questions about their capabilities are moot. Society could be fuelled by powerful free energy technology that exists already and has been developed for decades in secret to levels of perfection. All we need to do is declassify it and roll it out. If that happens we could eliminate fossil fuel use within fifteen or twenty years. Are these soft kill publicity spots getting the population used to the idea beforehand?
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