Friday 12 May 2023

Free Energy Ads

Something strange has been happening in my online world. As you know, most websites have advertising panes, small boxes on the page containing advertisements. These range from still photographs, text, animation or even short videos. I've mentioned before that if the ads seem to be ones that strangely happen to appeal to your personal tastes, then it's because that's exactly what they do, see: Over the last week or two I've been targeted with a lot of ads promoting free energy... You heard me right! They are mostly YouTube pre-play ads, but I've also seen them in panes on news sites and shopping platforms. The YT ones are long format videos; usually over a minute, but with a skip button. They often begin with an ordinary British person in an ordinary situation and then, amazingly, claim that they have a way of generating electricity out of thin air like Nikola Tesla did. After a while I started skipping the skip button and watching them the whole way through; and eventually clicking on them. They took me to this website: It's a very simple single page site. There are only these words: "Odd Little Device Kills Energy Bills And Generates Power On Demand" and a video screen which plays a movie giving an outline of Nikola Tesla's life and work. It then shows a film of what it claims is a free energy device in operation. Eventually the viewer is offered what they call "the Ultimate OFF GRID (sic) Generator" for what seems like a price and deal too good to be true.
There is always the possibility that this is some kind of scam. In times of high gas and electricity bills somebody may have decided to take advantage of people's fear and poverty, adding Tesla's rising popular mystique to the mixture. Such frauds are nothing new. Centuries ago fake perpetual motion machines were auctioned for vast sums of money. Skeptics, of course, will automatically assume that this is a confidence trick, but is it? The narrator hints that there is something illegal about marketing this technology when he says: "I don't know how long this website will remain up." However, I didn't learn about this setup from KeelyNet; it is being plugged on mainstream social media platforms. Therefore I can't help wondering something almost unthinkable. Could the free energy cover-up be coming to an end? If so then it will be strangely coinciding with the end of UFO secrecy, see: As I've often stated, an end to the free energy cover-up, a genuine end, would mean the end of the New World Order, just like UFO Disclosure would. That's why I call these eventualities "finish line moments". Is that just wishful thinking on my part? Confirmation bias? I hope not, of course, but what if it is not? What if this is for real? There are other indicators that the wall is cracking; the breakthroughs in hot nuclear fusion, whispers of a publication from the Maldives, see the background links below. If this happy outcome is really approaching in the near future, then why now? Maybe because of the other changes I have been documenting over the last few years, the "2016 Effect". It's impossible to know for sure what is going on here and where all this is leading, but after my dismal article on Tuesday, see:, it's nice to have something more optimistic to cover for a change.
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