Monday 8 May 2023

Howard Needs Help

One of the best radio programmes in the UFO-paranormal-conspirasphere is The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, see: These shows are concise, very informative and produced with the highest professionalism. Howard has a brilliant broadcasting style and his mellow baritone voice has become an unmistakable emblem of UFO/para/con radio. He is one of the people who really inspired me when I set up HPANWO Radio. Sadly Howard has experienced a disaster in his personal life, a housefire! I'm happy to say Howard was not badly hurt in the incident, but he actually fought the fire himself to stop it spreading to his neighbours. He has suffered terrible damage to his home and needs help to repair it. This is estimated to be about £2000. A friend of his have set up a crowdfunding campaign and I ask readers to support it, as I have, see:

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