Monday 29 May 2023

Where Are the Crop Circles?

The first ever crop circle of 2023 has appeared. The news about it broke as I was writing this article; however, I've decided not to change the title. It has taken a long time for them to start this year. At the Bases Project conference last weekend, see: and: (coming soon), it was the topic of much discussion and frankly we were rather worried. Crop circles have been a source of wonder and delight for the UFO-paranormal-Conspirasphere for several generations. There has not yet been a summer without them since the late 70's. I suppose we've come to take them for granted. Perhaps this delayed start to the season has been a good thing; making us appreciate them a lot more. I know that if they ever stopped we would miss them terribly. Could such a time ever occur? I don't know because I don't know why they appear to begin with. What do they mean? If they ever ended it might be a bad sign, that the intelligence behind them had abandoned us; alternatively it could be a good sign. A time might come when whoever, or whatever, gives us this gift decides we no longer need it and they can now leave us to develop by ourselves. It's a bit like in Tolkien with the elves leaving Middle Earth just before the War of the Ring because they know men have evolved to the point where they no longer need the elves to guide them. It's all a part of growing up; children leave home, birds fly the nest etc. It's both a sad and happy moment. If the circles ever ended it might mean that we were ready for something even better. This formation appeared in oilseed rape at a field near Broad Hinton, Wiltshire. It has a 250 foot diameter perimeter circle with a small hub circle and six identical evenly spaced scimitar blade-like features extending between the outer and inner circles. Source: There is no way to tell so far whether or not this is the work of human circle makers, but rape is a far more difficult crop to plank then other arables that ripen later in the year. Either way, I'm grateful to whoever, or whatever, gave us this artwork. I agree with what the narrator says in this award winning documentary: "Maybe we should just be saying... thanks, pals.", see: I hope to see more of them very soon. Rather appropriately, The Why Files has just posted their own very good documentary on crop circles, see:
See here for background:


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