Thursday 5 October 2023

Encounters- Episode 1

Everybody in the UFO-o-sphere is talking about the new series Encounters. It's taken me a while to get round to start watching it, but now I have. The first episode is about the "Welsh triangle", a series of close encounters in 1977 around a region of southwest Wales. It was centred on the Pembrokeshire southern coastal region, a major tourist destination. There were sightings of strange craft and beings near a hotel in Broad Haven and also a further CE3 at the local school. This has many similarities to the Ruwa and Westall incidents, see: and: A nearby farm was also affected. The episode includes dramatic footstep-retracing with the witnesses that reminds me of James Fox' style. There are also reconstructions with actors. The special effects and acting are very good. I particularly like a scene where men-in-black turn up. They do bring in the skeptic angle by interviewing Dr David Clarke; and also deal with the theory that the whole flap was a hoax organized by a man in a fireman's suit from the local oil terminal. This was quickly discredited though. So far so good! I have taken a special interest in this case and have read all three books about it. This is partly because I come from the region; not Pembrokeshire exactly, but Ceredigion, close by. I also have friends who live not far away. In the background links below are the HPANWO TV films I made about the incidents which includes visits to the locations with my friends. Source: Viewers in some countries will not see this episode; instead there is a different Episode One.
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