Saturday 28 October 2023

Access Denied

In my book Roswell Rising- a Novel of Disclosure (available at all good bookshops right now, price £10) the main character is a government official, but one day when he tries to find out information about a UFO incident he discovers to his shock how limited his authority really is and how much contempt the military industrial complex regards him with. Something similar has just happened in real life. During the famous US congressional hearing, see:, David Grusch promised Rep's Luna, Moskowitz and Burchett that he would be able to give them additional information on who has the insider knowledge on the ET crash-retrieval programme, but he could only do so in a sensitive compartmented information facility; it was not appropriate for the public hearing. Two further meetings were arranged, on the 26th of this month and the 16th of November. When Moskowitz and Luna emerged from the SCIF yesterday after the first meeting with the DOD Inspector General they gave a brief informal interview. The two congresspeople were very crestfallen. They reported that the IG and his team informed the elected representatives present that they were not cleared for any of the information available. When asked if anybody else in Congress was, they refused to answer. Source: The reporter who did the interview hung around a bit longer and a few minutes later a line of five men also emerged from the SCIF. John Greenewald Jr quickly found out that one of them is the Hon. Robert Storch, who is the DOD IG, as expected. The others were quickly identified by other people on Twitter as members of his oversight and legislative affairs team. Source:
This is all very sinister. It confirms what we conspiratorial UFOlogists been saying for a long time, that there is a class of individuals who are above the law and authority of the public legislature. What better definition for the term "Deep State"? This is disappointing and different people in the UFO community have interpreted it in different ways. The skeptic Mick West said: "Another hyped event fails to produce the goods. If this classified briefing on UFO whistleblower Grusch was pointless, with nothing new, then maybe that's a clue. Maybe just some MIC shenanigans. They will claim a cover-up. But what if there was simply no ET to cover up?" Source: This is something of a circular argument and West is flailing in the dark, but his belief system compels him to run with the facts much further than he should. The backslapper community is, predictably, incoherent with vainglory, for example: They are also calling "case closed" when really there is no justification for that. We'll see what happens next month when the congresspeople address the intelligence IG. Despite everything, this is still something of an achievement because we have forced the Truth Embargo into a corner where it has to admit its own existence. I see no reason to think that Grusch's story is less valid than it was beforehand. Nobody in the SCIF said that. It was a "neither confirm nor deny" situation.
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