Wednesday 25 October 2023

UFO By-Election

By-elections are very much in the news at the moment because of the hammering the Tories got in mid-Beds and Tamworth, but across the Atlantic there is another by-election about to take place in Utah USA. This by-election, or "special election" to use the American term, was caused by the resignation of Chris Stewart, representative for Utah's 2nd congressional district. There are seven candidates up to replace him and one of them is somebody called Joseph Buchman. He is running as an independent candidate, not a member of any party. This happens much more often in the United States than it does in Britain. The reason I have brought this up is because Mr Buchman is a UFO believer. He is a good friend of Steve Bassett and is involved with the PRG. He helped organize the Citizen Hearing in 2013, see: and:, and has spoken at X-Con. He has run for political office many times before, but this is the first time he is doing so in an election that will receive a lot of media attention. Please help in any way you can with his campaign. You can send him donations, but only if you are American please! It's my own recommendation, but I wouldn't want him to be accused of the usual smears relating to "foreign interference", see: I notice the constituency in question is home to Dugway Proving Ground, a military base nicknamed "Area 52" with an obvious implication. If Joe becomes the representative he will hopefully make the place more transparent. Steve is one hundred percent behind Joe and I also would love to see him win. The candidate leading in the opinion polls is currently Celeste Malony, the incumbent's colleague from the GOP; but even if Joe doesn't win, he will raise awareness of the UAP issue while in the last few months it has entered another lull. I don't know if Joe has a slogan, but can I suggest: "Make Aliens Relevant Again!"? I'll design some hats. Good luck, Joe! Interestingly, Joseph Buchman is not the only politician to make the stand he has done, others include Jill Hughes, see: and Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, see:   
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