Tuesday 31 October 2023

Encounters- Episode 2

See here for my review of Encounters episode 1: https://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2023/10/encounters-episode-1.html.
The Ruwa case has become much more public in the last few years thanks mostly to Randall Nickerson and his long quest to achieve that. His research was so detailed that I wondered if this new documentary could add anything new, or something that I'd never heard of. The show features new interviews with some of the witnesses, including Lisil, Emma and Salma all of whom have been involved with the media before. They are also featured in Dr John Mack's and Dominique Callimanopulos' original video. Today they are all adults of course, but they have never changed their stories. However, there are a few new faces, including three pupils who are giving their testimony for the first time. The first two are the brothers Tapfu and Kudzanai who tell the same basic story as the other witnesses, that they saw a craft land and an entity appear beside it. Emma shows the exact location, although the area has changed. Today it is playing fields, but in 1994 it was wilderness. This episode is called Believers, but not all of them are. An ex-student called Dallyn is also interviewed and he takes a very different line. He claims all sixty-two of the other children are lying or deluded. There was no UFO at all; he knows because it was a hoax that he created. He and a friend, whom he does not name, invented the prank to skive off lessons. I know the obvious response from many people will be that he's a shill, put into the witness pool to distract and confuse. I don't make accusations like that lightly and I see no reason to in this instance. I've never even heard of Dallyn before. I assume he was interviewed by Mack and Cynthia Hind; is there footage of his report? He's certainly only just started talking about the Ariel School incident after nearly thirty years. He looks a little younger than the other witnesses and he says he left Ariel "twenty years ago"; that's 2003, nine years after the encounter. Ariel is a primary school that enrols children from grades one to seven. Grade seven means children aged ten to twelve, depending on the system. This means if Dallyn left in 2003, would he have even been old enough to enrol in the first form in '94? If he were, allowing for estimates of timing and dates, then he must have been about four to six years old, whereas the other witnesses were about eight to twelve. Was he really the mastermind of this supposed hoax?
Another stunning new revelation relates to one of the teachers, Mrs Bates. Judy Bates has been on the staff at Ariel for thirty-three years and today she is the headmistress. She can be seen in Mack's video. Astoundingly, she reveals for the first time ever that around the time of the UFO incident she had the first of a series of abduction experiences. This episode did not disappoint in divulging new information. Ruwa has many similarities to the Broad Haven incident featured in episode one. I will move on swiftly to episode three.
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