Wednesday 4 October 2023

HS2 North Scrapped

See here for essential background:
After all the recent black pills about stags and trees I can now give you a white pill to swallow the size of a Nimitz tic-tac. The HS2 project has been beset by spiralling costs and growing environmental concerns. Every time we blinked the price went up another billion and another forest was listed for felling. Nothing can bring back the trees and villages destroyed by phase one, London to Birmingham, but the rest of it in the North Country had not yet been started. Then in 2021 it was announced that the eastern leg was to be scrapped, see above. This was the longest extension proposed; heading northeast from Birmingham through the East Midlands to Leeds. However this still left the "western branch", the extension that was planned to run due north from Birmingham through Staffordshire and Cheshire to Manchester. Then, this afternoon at the Conservative Party conference the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that this would be ditched as well, effectively shelving the rest of the HS2 project. Obviously I am overjoyed, although I'm not thanking Sunak. I don't think for a moment that he took this decision out of the goodness of his heart, but it is still a relief and a victory. The natural world earmarked for destruction has been granted a reprieve; however HS2 phase two had already ruined lives before a single clod was dug, for example: It would be nice if Mr Bardsley could buy back his old house now, but of course he must have sold it at a discount and now its price is going to shoot back up. I hope all the people affected sue the government. I'm not so naive to think this is the end of the globalists' attacks on our landscape, animals, plants and people. They will regroup and launch another offensive at some point, but for now this a battle won. We can relax and breathe easy, temporarily.
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