Thursday 14 September 2023

New NASA Press Conference

NASA have held another press conference; see here for their last one: I'm glad to say this one was not the four-hour shaggy dog story that the last one was; in fact it lasted only just under one hour. By a strange eventuality the event happened the day after the now famous government UFO hearing in Mexico, see: To be fair, that's a tough act to follow. Was that coincidental or intended? It consisted of a panel of four people, some of whom had been at the previous panel; most notably David Spergel, leader of the self-styled "Independent Study Team". The first speaker was Senator Bill Nelson, the head of NASA. I was poised as he spoke; because he has a bit of a loose tongue, see: He gave his speech poetically, launching the new UAP investigation office, run by a NASA official called the "Director of UAP Research", but they refused to name that person. Later on, the panel members gave the reason that it was because of the abuse the Team had received from online trolls. The next two speakers were Dr Nicola Fox and Dr Daniel Evans both of whom spoke with English accents. There seemed to be a lot of Brits at this event; most of the reporters in the Q and A were British too. Dr Fox said the quality of data was low, not enough to gather real evidence. Dr Spergel basically reiterated what he said back in June, that there was "no evidence" that any UAP's were extraterrestrial. He also claimed that NASA lacks the hardware infrastructure to study UAP's properly. As always, the question-and-answer session was far more interesting than the presentations. The first came from none other than James Fox. He spotted a contradiction; how does NASA know UAP are not aliens when they don't have enough data to know what they are at all? Good point. He also asked if NASA have plans to disclose that fact should it emerge... or should I say Disclose. Nelson repeated that he wants the Team to be accountable to the public, so "yes." We'll hold him to that. The other reporters asked a few good questions, but they didn't hit home like James Fox did. One of them asked Dr Spergel about the Mexican event, but the scientist said he hadn't heard about it except on Twitter. A Danish reporter asked about David Grusch and Nelson delivered the usual line about Grusch's testimony being second hand. Personally I doubt if we will get any useful information from NASA. It's possible they'll publish a few sightings reports, but anything more sensitive will be classified, at least for the time being. Source: You can read the accompanying report here:
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