Sunday, 2 February 2014

Fake Snow

An unsettling new phenomenon has emerged in the last week or two, one possibly related to geoengineering; it's been reported mostly in North America, but stories are coming in of it appearing in Germany and a few other locations. It is usually known as "fake snow" and there are many YouTube videos going round which show it, eg: It falls like ordinary snow, in cold weather and over large areas, but it doesn't behave like it. Firstly, it doesn't appear to melt when exposed to warmth, like when you bring a clump of it indoors. Even when exposed to a flame it remains solid. After a while, if you burn it fiercely, it evaporates into a pungent gas whose stench has been described as "like plastic". It also leaves behind a black residue. Explanations have been tabled that the snow is perfectly normal and that the smell and black deposit are caused by the fuel in the cigarette lighters people have been using to test it. Here's a video along those lines: However, this video does not recreate the effect observed by the witnesses; you don't get the same blackness and he doesn't mention the smell. What's more this man admits that the snow specimen he uses is not pure and contains bits of twig from a tree in his garden. He describes the fuel in the lighter, butane, as a "burning dirty", however I've never seen butane produce soot before; and it's pretty odourless when burned. Only if you break the lighter and release the unburned gas do you get that strong petrochemical smell. Another explanation is that the snow "sublimes" before it melts, changes straight from a solid to a gaseous state, skipping the liquid intermediary. This is quite a bold assertion when you consider that the material has to leap from 0 to 100 degrees centigrade instantly.

What the fake snow actually is, I don't know. It has not snowed at all this winter where I live, southern England, because of the crazy weather we've had so far in this so-called "winter". But the polar vortex which caused the extremely mild and wet weather we've had in Europe also generated a prolonged and intense cold snap in North America, where most of the fake snow reports are coming out. Could the fake snow actually be frozen chemtrails? If anybody finds some fake snow near them, could they keep hold of it, put it in an old jar or something, because it can be analyzed in a laboratory. Cliff Carnicom has been doing experiments on water related to chemtrails for years and would be very interested in snow too, see: This is just the latest in a whole series of odd environmental conditions, like the "weird foam" coming from the sea; this has happened in so many places, see:, and:, and this one from Donegal, Ireland, just happened last night: Could these events be linked? Quite possibly, and they may well be the product of geoengineering.

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