Friday 22 May 2020

I've been Zucked!

I have been hit with a ban on Facebook. It is not a total ban, but I can no longer post links. According to the social media giant, I have been engaging in "spamming and deceptive practices" when all I did was what I've been doing ever since I started using the platform (or is that publisher?) in November 2007. When I put a post on one of the HPANWO blogs, I share it with my Facebook friends and among the groups I'm in that I think would consider it relevant. The group admins almost always approve them and very rarely have I had a post refused. This seems to be completely normal practice among Facebook users. I never spam at all. My content is totally free to consume with the exception of my books, which I never distribute beyond my own personal page, the group called the "Ben Emlyn-Jones Appreciation Group" and a few UFO conspiracy groups who know me well and I contribute a lot to in other ways. I have appealed the decision, but anybody who is banned from social media reports how difficult that is. Appeals can take weeks and usually fail. In fact this has happened to me before, see: Carl Benjamin- Sargon of Akkad says: "It's like trying to talk to God!" (He is an atheist). Being unable to link HPANWO publications takes away a major connection I have to my readers, listeners and viewers. I've done the best I can to get round it by posting text notices without links to try and outwit the AI monitor. For example my latest post on Facebook was to notify my friends about this new HPANWO TV film, see: I posted the following: "I have uploaded a video called 'Reply to Comments 29'. It can be found at HpanwoHyphenTVDotBlogspotDotCom". I used one of their colourful highlight boxes too.

Hopefully what I am doing now can make up some of the shortfall. In the background links below I go into more detail about how opposed I am to current social media censorship and corrupt actions. These superpowers of the internet are arrogant online tyrants... No, worse! They dictate in their own world and then carry on to interfere openly with the real world by trying to rig elections and defame statesmen. Why have they suddenly decided to take this action against me? I've always known it was on the cards, seeing as I talk about subjects that are taboo in polite liberal society, but why now?... The ban came down on Tuesday when I began sharing links to the most recent HPANWO Show. I decided to abort that feature and replace it with another, but I am still going to broadcast the feature I had planned for it. In the meantime I have joined every alternative and free speech social media platform I can find, see:
I am not very active on most of these links at the moment, but I am maintaining a provisional presence there so it's available to expand into if I ever need it. If I ever get cancelled completely, you will find me on those platforms. Most are replacements for Facebook and Twitter; Bitchute is really an alternative YouTube. So far Blogger has proven to be reliable, but I am also working on alternatives to that. Whatever happens, they are not going to stop me! I will not be silenced!


Jordan said...

Coz you fight against cultoral marxisn mate. Your not allowed to do that. Should off done blogs that pleese the left wing. Mate am rite behind you. Keep it up Ben. Have great weekend. Love Jordan

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Jordan. You too. I will write what I believe is true and don't don't care what Mark Fuckerberg thinks!