Sunday 31 May 2020

Where is The Queen?

A few weeks ago the Queen suddenly announced out of the blue that she was retiring from public life for the foreseeable future. The speech she gave recent seventy-fifth anniversary of VE day was her last public appearance. The official story is that it's because of the lockdown. At the age of ninety-four, Her Majesty is in a right-risk group for being made seriously ill by COVID 19. However, speculation has spread that the real reason for her social isolation is that there is some kind of crisis afflicting the House of Windsor. Rumours abound that she is about to abdicate in favour of Prince Charles, or that Prince Philip has died... which would explain where the coronavirus comes from... and she is grieving in secret. Then again, what if the Queen herself has gone to that Great Reptile House in the Sky? If so then wouldn't we be told immediately? It would be the biggest news story for years; the nation would enter into a period of official mourning. There would be a full state funeral on the same scale as that of King George VI, see:; maybe even bigger because Elizabeth II is the nation's longest reigning monarch in history. There is even a video describing the media protocol for the incident in advance; after all, she is an elderly lady and it must happen in the near future, see: However, is it possible the Queen has passed away and the authorities have decided not to tell us? This could be because they want to wait until after the lockdown or for another reason relating to timing. Would it be possible to postpone the announcement of her death without the truth leaking out? Yes. In fact there is good reason to think that Fidel Castro, Cuba's long-term president, died several years before it was made public, see: In the case of Nelson Mandela, it was only a few months, but it was still successfully suppressed, see: There have been some strange occurrences around the same time. The Royal Coat of Arms has been removed from the gate of Buckingham Palace and replaced with a black metal plate. A story came out claiming that the reason for this was that it was damaged when a delivery lorry accidentally struck the gate, but this could be back-filling; disinformation put in after an event to make it look like it was there before, see: A video mentioned that the usual guardsmen were not at their posts and had been replaced by members of the Gurkhas, a Nepalese Brigade of the British army; but apparently this is normal practice for the Queen's Guard, see: These odd details may be coincidental or may be significant. According to recent media releases, Queen Elizabeth is alive and well, spending her time in private riding her horses and spending time with Prince Philip who is also still on the earth plain, see: How much of this true or false? She appears dressed rather too warmly for the current weather. Time will tell.

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