Sunday 3 May 2020

David Icke- Full Spectrum Cancellation

David Icke has been banned from both Facebook and YouTube. Yesterday he got permanently Zuckered and posted about it here: Today his YouTube channel was also deleted. Source: and: I expect Twitter, Instagram and his presence on all other mainstream social media platforms will follow. This is a full spectrum cancellation, just like the one done to Alex Jones in 2018, see: I first heard about this from a skeptic I follow on Twitter. He was gloating about it so I blocked him. I don't have a problem with polite and professional skeptics, indeed I am interested to hear their side of every story, for example, see:; but when they start celebrating the silencing of an innocent person, they cross the line. Luckily David has taken the same precautions that every alternative thinker has to in this day and age; he's moved some of his eggs out of the mainstream social media basket onto "Alt-tech" platforms. David's videos that he lost on YouTube are still visible on his Bitchute channel, see: Needless to say I am appalled by this unpersoning of David Icke as a Thought-Criminal. More and more people are being cancelled; other examples are Stefan Molyneux, Dr Jordan Peterson, Milo Yiannopoulos, JK Rowling and Graham Linehan. The cries of: "Well, we live in a free country!" have gone silent, even by people who vainly want to try and convince us that we still do. We do not. President Trump says he is "monitoring the situation closely" after he himself has come close to being kicked off Twitter. Well, monitoring is not good enough; he needs to take action and he needs to do it now.
See here for an accompanying HPANWO TV film:


Anonymous said...

What a disgrace to do that to him Ben, but I suppose it was inevitable it would happen sooner or later considering they did the same to Alex Jones. They thought they had the perfect excuse to get him off YouTube and Facebook with that London Real interview.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Anon. An excuse is exactly what it was. I've made an accompanying HPANWO TV film. I'll add a link to this article.