Friday 8 May 2020

Is Project Blue Book Ending?

A worrying news article has appeared announcing that the excellent UFO-themed historical drama series Project Blue Book is going to be axed. History, the original producers of the programme, have opted not to pursue a third season. Source: This is shocking and upsetting to the many fans of Dr J Allen Hynek and his trust sidekick, Capt. Michael Quinn, along with their array of friends and foes, as well as plenty who are in between. As you'll recall, season two ended on a major cliff-hanger with Quinn vanishing after descending into the depths of the sea in a submarine; and Hynek heading off on a quest to rescue him, see: However, I have it on good authority, from a source on the inside, that there will be a third season. It's all signed up and ready to go into pre-production. Nothing has been formally announced, but the franchise has been sold to another network. The first two seasons have already been shown on Syfy for its British release, so it has already been successfully syndicated, and I suspect the channel has made that relationship permanent, although I'm not sure. Time will tell. However, do not despair! Hynek and Quinn will be returning to your screen very shortly.

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