Saturday 23 May 2020

Robbie Williams and David Icke

The singer Robbie Williams has been attacked. It's fairly predictable that this would happen because Robbie is a fan of David Icke. This comes shortly after David was banned from social media, see: and: The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism made a statement about Robbie: "It is imperative that celebrities and others in positions of influence examine more carefully the figures they choose to endorse, otherwise they risk drawing more impressionable people into the orbit of hateful nonsense polemicists," The CAA is convinced that David Icke hates Jews and thinks that they are to blame for the New World Order. This is false; and I've had to explain that so many times that it is exhausting, for example see: The CAA is part of a network of so-called "anti-fascists" who behave like fascists themselves. Another spoke in that Orwellian wheel is an organization from which has come a lot of the trouble David has suffered during the last few years, Hope Not Hate. Source: The name of this supposed advocacy group should be the other way round. They certainly seem to hate white people, men, gentiles and heterosexuals. They supported the campaign to get David banned from Australia, see: and: I've always known that Robbie Williams supports David Icke. He did attend a few of David's lectures and had a presence on the UFO scene for a while. The gossip columns lampooned him mercilessly during this period, publishing images of him dressed as a yokel with flying saucers in the background. Actually Robbie was speaking out about taking time to explore his own alien contact experiences, which is a very brave thing to do. Others famous people who have taken this plunge include Scarlett Moffatt and Yaphet Kotto, see background links below. Celebrities who are open about their beliefs in unconventional interests face obstacles that ordinary people never have to. Fingers pointing and laughter on the street, when previously people would come up and shake their hand and ask for an autograph. They might find, all of a sudden, that they are no longer offered parts in movies nor have their record deals cancelled. In the case of Robbie, their character is called into question by bullying censors. Robbie Williams has done nothing wrong by listening to what David Icke has to say. I know it's a pointless request, but I'd ask those attacking him to leave him alone.

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