Thursday 14 May 2020

Scarlett Moffatt on Loose Women

I must admit I had never heard of Scarlett Moffatt before coming across this story. She is a star of Reality TV; not a genre I follow with enthusiasm. She came to my attention because she deviates from the cookie cutter norm, as everybody found out when she appeared on one of the worst mainstream television shows to pollute the small screen, Loose Women. In the interview, the young pop TV maven reveals that from the age of six she has been obsessed with aliens. She used to go out cropping with her father. Also, although her fiancé Scott doesn't believe her, she thinks she was abducted by aliens at the age of ten. She doubts the moon landings and this is something Scott is willing to discuss with her; in fact it came up on their first date. She claims, correctly I would say, that Paul McCartney is dead. Her interview concerns the launch of her new podcast Scarlett Moffatt Wants to Believe. It is being produced by BBC Radio 1, see:; so I wonder how much they will allow her to say. It's possible she and Scott might have go independent at some point, like I am. The four "Women!" on the panel respond with the usual amiably but distantly tolerant patronizing TV manner. It could have been far worse; imagine if she were ever on a programme with Prof. Brian Cox. Source: Oddly enough a few years ago the singer Kim Wilde appeared on Loose Women to breach the conformist battlements, see:, and in this episode one of the hosts, Nadia Sawalha, says that her sister is a conspiracy theorist. I often said that at some point the barrier of suppression will have to break down and even the mainstream media will not be able to ignore these subjects, see: Hats off to Scarlett for being a trailblazer in that quest. It takes courage to do so. I've listened to one of the two episodes of her podcast that have been broadcast so far and I enjoyed it. Scott acts as the token skeptic and Scarlett tries to persuade him. Good luck to her! Also, seeing as she lives in County Durham, she should come along to Truth Seekers North East.

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