Thursday 28 May 2020

UNICEF's Alien Child

The United Nations Children's Fund- UNICEF is an agency for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. That's all well and good, but in 2015 it released a short promotional video called Marciano, an Unexpected Friend. The film is just over a minute long and has no dialogue. It tells the poignant story of a young boy who is enrolled in a class in a school. It is clear from his facial features that he is an extraterrestrial or an ET-human hybrid. The other children, who are normal humans, stare at him with incredulity and disgust. They ostracize him and play malicious pranks on him. The boy likes images with an ET theme, once again reinforcing where he comes from. He draws chalk pictures on the blackboard of flying saucers, alien faces and stars. His bedclothes and bedroom decorations also have these motifs. Another property of his origins is that his hands secrete a green slimy substance that covers everything he touches, which further repels his fellow pupils. He eats different food to the other children as well, such a fruit that resembles an apple except that it is silvery blue in colour. However when he gives an improvised demonstration of telekinetic powers during a school play his peers are in awe of him and eventually befriend him. The tagline at the end is: "Don't miss the opportunity to get to know someone different. Don't miss a life-changing opportunity." The film was made in Chile and the tagline on the original Spanish version is, according to Google Translate: "Do not miss the opportunity to accept someone else. Do not miss the opportunity to change your life." Source: There are many ways to analyze the video, although we have to rely mostly on supposition because the UNICEF 2015 annual report only refers to it briefly without giving any details, see: It could be a coded symbol for a child from a foreign country, such as a refugee being introduced into a class among children of another race, culture or speaking a different language. This happened to me when I was in primary school. A boy joined our class whose family had fled from the Idi Amin regime in Uganda. However, perhaps we should interpret the extraterrestrial nature of the main character more literally. The exopolitician Dr Michael Salla thinks this might be an attempt to plant cultural seeds in people's minds aimed at making them accept the presence of alien life forms. He has discovered a connection to the Vatican via statements made by the Pope, including his decree that intelligent ET beings can be baptized (I discovered that some had already been given Last Rites, see: Source: If this sounds too outrageous to you then consider that just two years earlier British schoolchildren in more than one school were subjected to a dramatic reconstruction of a UFO crash-retrieval event in their playground, see: The purpose of this lesson is unknown despite my attempts to find out. What are they teaching our kids?


coccus ilicis said...

An excerpt from this article and the UNICEF Marciano video has been posted on a site dealing with Revelation, see post 257 here,

Anonymous said...

An excerpt from this article and the UNICEF Marciano video has been posted on a site dealing Revelation, see post 257 here,

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Interesting idea, Coccus. Thanks. The little alien boy in the ad does exhibit supernatural abilities. not sure if its connected to some kind of fake second coming though. It's possible the Illuminati will use Project Blue Beam to stage some kind of biblical apocalypse.