Wednesday 20 October 2021

Welsh Independence Commission

The Labour Party in Wales... who else?... has set up a special commission to examine the principality's future relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom. The chairwoman said that "everything is on the table" including total independence from the UK. If this is decided then no doubt Scotland will follow. This break-up of the Union is a herald of troubled times because, as I explain the background links, it's a trick to suck those countries into the European Union. I predict there will also be an attempt to unite Ireland as well. You might think this will reignite the Troubles, but politics has changed so much since then that most people see nation states differently. What's more, even if I'm wrong about that, do you think the government will really care if a few thousand people get blown up or shot? Source: The article includes a video clip and I find it ironic that mixed with the vox populi featured we see clips of Welsh independence protesters in Cardiff. The caption states: "Independence protests attracted large crowds before the pandemic" (my emphasis). Y Senedd Cymru, the Parliament of Wales, has voted to introduce vaccine passports, as has the Scottish Parliament. This is after Westminster backed down on bringing them into England. The UK's devolved governments really do seem to be attracting the worst kind of statesmen, and that is quite an achievement. Mark Drakeford, Wales' first minister said he thought there should be a curfew for white men, see: The Senedd vote on the vaccine passports appears to have been passed via an engineered technicality, see: The recent extension to the Covid 19 act by Westminster will no doubt embolden the crooks who play these sneaky tricks. The likes of Drakeford and that big fish Nicola Sturgeon have had their taste of power and they don't want to give it up. On a recent interview, I described myself as a unionist, see: After reflection I would qualify that; I am not a permanent unionist in principle, but I am a tactical unionist in the current state of British and international politics.
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