Sunday 19 July 2020

Welsh Parliament Debates Independence

The Welsh Parliament, formerly the Welsh Assembly, the Senedd Cymru, will hold a formal debate on Welsh independence for the first time ever. This could lead to a serious motion for the independence of Wales. According to recent opinion polls, support for Wales being separate from the UK has soared in recent years. It was just 10 to 15% in 2014, see:, but is now 25%. This is being blamed, or credited depending on your point of view, on the COVID 19 lockdown; however I suspect it has more to do with Brexit. The additional independence supporters are probably Remoaners who want Wales to become, to quote the former Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans: "an independent member of the European Union" while ignoring the unbelievable contradiction of that phrase. Source: Perhaps the EU is planning to break up the United Kingdom into its constituent parts seeing as Britain as a whole has resisted its New World Order Stalinist stepping-stone. I was once a Welsh nationalist many years ago and would have been delighted to hear news of this upcoming Senedd debate. Today I am not very enthused. I predict that the discussion will be just a toss-up between unionism and federalism; UK occupation or EU occupation as if those are fundamentally different things. I would support Welsh independence if it were real independence, what you might call "Wexit". Short of that Wales should stick with Boris' Britain for now. It seems to me that Welsh politics and culture, generally speaking, is disarmed by the same delusion as Irish politics and culture, and I've also detected the same problem with Scotland. There is a general feeling in Wales that it is physically impossible for the country to have any other foreign enemy than "the bloody English!". How false that is. Times have changed and the world has moved on. We Welsh must stop living in the past or we will trampled underfoot by a very modern oppressor.


Adrian said...

Very well said Ben. Though I'm English myself, I totally agree with your points which are important ones. I support Brexit unreservedly though my reasoning is sort of along the lines of 'Lexit'. In any case, there are moves in Wales and Scotland for independence in the future at some point, but as you say they won't be independent whilst in the undemocratic banking conglomerate of the EU. Anything to piss off the English it seems. Apparently some years ago the SNP was broadly eurosceptic but the new SNP like Plaid Cymru are now liberal globalist movements and nothing 'independent' about them.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Cheers, Adrian. It seems that many nationalist movements have simply become left-wing federalists, in Ireland and Britain, but also elsewhere. I was disappointed when the Catalan independence movement expressed their desire to be an "active participant in the European Union". Only the Venetians seem to get the picture at the moment. And their party is banned!