Wednesday 15 July 2020

Possible UFO Scrape in Devon

A man has published a video which he made while walking his dog in a forest that he claims is the site of a UFO crash. The wood is near Meddon in Devon and definitely shows a place where the trees are broken and flattened to the ground. At the edge of the clearing are some trees partly bent over. It is hard to say for certain because the film is short and only frames a small part of the location, but it could well have been caused by some large object, like an aircraft of some kind, grounding at that point. There is no sign of any burning or heat effects, which makes it very different to the Nottinghamshire and Pentyrch incidents that I detail in the links below. There are also ferns and other undergrowth thriving in the clearing which is also unlike the other two events; and it indicates that the glade was cut some time ago. In his strong West Country accent, the film-maker states: "Something has definitely crashed here; look at this. Boom!... Weird! Massive gap in the woods. All the trees bent. Trees fallen over. Massive hole in the woods. Aliens!" He said he heard unusual noises and got an eerie feeling at the location. Source: It could be aliens, but then again it might be something else. There's not enough information to tell. The person who made the video is called Ben Landricombe and that name might sound familiar because he has been featured in the media before as a figure of minor infamy. Two years ago he took photographs of surfers riding rough waves in Plymouth Sound and as a result was attacked by some of them. They vandalized his van and sent him death threats. This was because the place was apparently supposed to be a secret. The waves at that part of the coast are especially favourable to surfing and if too many surfers turn up at once, not all of them can play there. Therefore the surfers who originally found the spot tried not to spread the news too far; but Mr Landricombe's photographs were published in the newspapers, it was too late. When they damaged his van, the graffiti they wrote on it was "surf snitch!"; therefore he has taken advantage of his notoriety by launching his own fashion line called Surf Snitch. He and his wife Maria have made T-shirts, car stickers and many other decorative items. Source: Is Ben Landricombe's filming of the alleged UFO crash site another attempt at self-publicity? Then again, what if it is really an alien first landing? I'd be interested if any other people have seen strange things in the sky nearby.

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