Wednesday 8 July 2020

Happy World Disclosure Day 2020!

July the 8th is World ET Disclosure Day, and was awarded that status by Steve Becklow and Geoffrey West of the Paradigm Research Group in 2010, making this the tenth one. This is because it was on July the 8th 1947 that General Roger Ramey held a press conference in his office in Fort Worth, Texas where he put on display some wooden sticks and some loose, crumpled pieces of aluminium foil and told the world's media that this is what Major Jesse Marcel of the Roswell Army Air Force Base had mistaken for a UFO. He was lying. Today, 73 years later, the Government are still lying. However many believe that this is the day that the decision was made to institute what Stephen Bassett calls the "Truth Embargo." Reporters were descending like locusts on Fort Worth and New Mexico and the Government was considering whether to continue with the original "Flying Disk" story, and so come clean that UFO's exist, or cover it up; they opted for the latter. Personally I suspect that this decision was made many years earlier when the Government had to deal with similar incidents to Roswell before July of 1947 and they had a contingency plan already in place that simply broke down to begin with, see:; but the day of the scene in Gen. Ramey's office is still a fitting and symbolic historic moment that illustrates the subject well. Therefore every July the 8th is now designated World Disclosure Day. This is of course just six days after World UFO Day because the 2nd of July was the date of the Kenneth Arnold sighting, see: The date of World Disclosure Day will remain every July the 8th until Disclosure happens; then the day will automatically transfer to that date.

This Disclosure Day is different. The atmosphere in the world towards UFO's has changed. The media is reporting it differently, see background links for details. Does this mean Disclosure with a capital D is happening? I've always had my doubts that such a thing is even possible, although there is a part of me that is always saying: "What if...?" Either way, regardless of where this is leading, the government have definitely changed their tactics. After a very stagnant 2018, a year that was so full of hope following the initial December 2017 AATIP publications, see:, in 2019 the pace increased. Since then 2020 has been roaring and charging through its first half. At the same time voices of caution have been raised. Is everything as it seems with AATIP and TTSA? See: What will happen in the second half of this year and beyond? Nobody knows and can realistically predict; but it will be exciting to find out. I really feel we are on a roll now. There is an avalanche of developments that surely must continue into 2021. Will next year's World Disclosure Day be on a different date to July the 8th?
See here for the 2020 World Disclosure Day HPANWO TV livestreams:


Anonymous said...

Off Topic: Ben, if you want to see behind the Q curtain Defango laid it all out for all to see on his latest stream, the legal documents kinda prove what he's been saying from the start gets into it more chronalogically from around this time stamp

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. I'll have a watch of that. I've seen Defango's debates a few times.

Anonymous said...

Further to my post above Ben, check out chapter 15 of David Livingstones book 6 on mimetic warfare, it highlights how characters like Defango and those he's been tangling with fit into the bigger picture.

I've not been on your blog for ages since you got defensive after confusing me with someone you knew (my last comment was about defango/Q) after watching the linked stream above I saw a post of yours highlighted on DI's news page, so thought I'd drop you the link, later that day after weeks of reading David Livingstones books I got to this chapter in the last book, kinda wierd how the synchronicity hit so I thought I'd drop the link to it too.
I like davids research, it's well referenced and it gets very deep! I mite not agree with everything he has to say, specially some of the framing, but as always with these things, take what you find useful.