Friday 31 July 2020

NFA'ed for Brexit Riot

I have received a letter from the police. It arrived in an unmarked handwritten envelope; very discreet. It says:
"Dear Mr EMLYN-JONES (sic). We are writing to you regarding your arrest and interview by the Metropolitan Police Service following the investigation into your alleged offence of Violent Disorder. The case has been reviewed by the Crown Prosecution Service and a decision has been made to take no further action against you. This matter is now closed for you."
There's a reason why my name is written in capital letters that I explain here: I wouldn't say this letter is a relief for me as I thought it was almost certain that the CPS would drop the matter; in fact the solicitor told me to put it out of my mind. What's more I didn't do anything wrong... not that that means much these days. However, the possibility that I would be framed in some way lingered at the back of my mind. After all, that has happened to me before, see: So I welcome this correspondence. I gather I was quite fortunate to be sent one. Many people report they are never told they are off the hook and keep on wondering until enough time has passed for it to be obvious. "No further action" is police-speak for them concluding that I'm innocent. They could have simply watched my own HPANWO TV coverage of the event and saved themselves the bother. Even though I don't capture every single moment, you can see clearly that I am calm and level-headed and did not drink alcohol etc, see:


Laurence said...

Very glad to hear this Ben. Now, have a good break in the North-East :)

veggieshopper said...

It's good to hear that you've officially been notified in writing that no action will be taken against you. I think until we get absolute closure on such things, it can possibly play on our subconscious mind.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Laurence. just got back. I did :-)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

It must do, VS. Thanks very much,