Friday 29 October 2021

Spiritualist Vaccine Passport

I had an upsetting experience last Wednesday. Over the years I have attended a spiritualist church, on and off. It was a way for me to build a non-internet based social life for myself post-hospital portering. I've had hands-on healing there which has been very effective, see: I met a number of people there whom I really liked. I've been away from the place for many months, but on Wednesday I felt the sudden urge to go to the place and see when their service times were. When I got to the church and saw the notice board I could hardly believe my eyes. Pinned onto it along with all the usual agendas and the names of speakers was a handwritten notice in black ink that explained how everybody who attended the church would have to produce an up-to-date Covid 19 vaccination certificate or they would not be admitted. The church congregation was also limited to a maximum of forty people. I walked away with a heavy heart. I knew that spiritualists have a very open-minded awareness of the afterlife, but in other ways most of them are quite conventional in their beliefs. They are not really much more likely to be conspiratorially aware or interested in UFO's than the average normie. Why have they decided on this rule? It is not currently law in England, despite many drives by government to make it so. Is it a directive from head office? Spiritualist churches usually fall under a number of governing bodies. The largest of these is the SNU, the Spiritualists' National Union. The church I've been going to is a Greater World church; the so-called "Christian spiritualists". It could be this is a national rule now for all the Greater World churches; there are over fifty in the country. Despite my disappointment, I have to accept that the people at the church never made any commitment to any principle beyond the pledges and objectives of their revelation from the angel "Zodiac". What right do I have to expect more from them? I think I just wrongly assumed that their one nonconformist belief would automatically lead to others, as it has done in my own life. Obviously these people are not the companions I hoped they would and I will not be returning to the church.
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Laurence said...

'Zodiac' is likely a demonic entity posing as an angel. You would do well to stay clear, Ben. It has shown it's true colours, as it were.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Laurence. they do remind me a bit of Alice Bailey and the Lucis Trust etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all churches even the spiritualist church, have rules and regs and yes, they are very conservative.
I'd stay away from them.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

There are some spiritualist churches that are different. The ones I go to in Newcastle with TSNE are lovely. I've just got to find one near me.