Thursday 25 June 2020

Trump on Roswell

President Trump has made some interesting comments about UFO's since coming to the Oval Office in 2017. When the AATIP footage came to light he called it "a hell of a video!" When questioned about those UFO incidents by ABC news eighteen months ago he sounded awkward and evasive. He says: "I want them (the Pentagon) to think whatever they think." He then reports that he has been briefed on the matter, but then declares: "Do I believe it? Not particularly." He then launches into a diversion with: "Our great pilots would know", shifting the focus away from himself to the US Navy pilots who reported the phenomenon, which is a strange delegation seeing as he is their commander-in-chief. Source: This is a highly unusual thing for a US president to say. Normally a leader in his position would deliver a number of cliches such as: "We do not credit this as having any defence significance" or "This phenomenon can be almost entirely explained as sightings of birds, kites, balloons and weather conditions. The tiny minority which presently cannot I'm sure will be at some point in the future; in the meantime I don't really see why we should bother with it." They also might try to brush it off with a joke, like David Cameron did when confronted on the subject by Richard D Hall, see: Trump is a unique exception. His general response to being questioned on UFO's has differed considerably in many of his recent media encounters, see background links below. However, on Sunday he seemed to have an even more atypical attitude. He was attending a Father's Day event when he brought up the subject of Roswell. He was interviewed by his son Donald Jr and was asked whether he would tell people the truth about Roswell. He replied: "So many people ask me that question... there are millions of people who want to go there and see it. I won't talk to you about what I know about it, but it's very interesting." Source: For anybody who has been studying the trends in exopolitics, this is an extraordinary statement for him to make. Taking away the legendary UFO incident of 1947, Roswell is a fairly small and insignificant settlement in rural New Mexico USA. Why did Trump not respond: "Roswell? I've heard of it. I think there are some cattle ranches near there and also myths about space aliens that drive the local tourist industry and museums. Fair play to them, but it's not something that interests me. As president I have more serious concerns to deal with." This is what David Cameron would have said, and Theresa May, Obama, Bush and Clinton etc. Trump has put it on record that there is something very "interesting" associated with Roswell that a lot of people have been demanding information about, and that he is not currently at liberty to give any. Will he soon be? Interestingly a newsbite commentating on this interview reckons that Donald Jr "jokingly" asked about it. Well, it sounded pretty serious to me. Sure, it was light-hearted, after all he is having a chat with his dad; but in no way was this some kind of novelty break. The president's response is totally sober. I can't wait to find out if there are any developments.


Laurence said...

Ben, you have eluded to the likelihood that Trump is being protected. By whom do you believe this might be? It would have to be a very powerful group, perhaps even the military itself?

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Laurence. It would have to be a group with sympathies in the military, yes. I don't know who they are, but they are the same people connected to QAnon.