Thursday 18 November 2021

Nord Stream 2 Banned

A horrible article by Express Online announced in gloating tones that an energy regulator in Germany has suspended the operating license on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. According to German law the Swiss operator needs to form a subsidiary company. This stoppage is said to be "temporary". I am suspicious that this announcement has come just a few days after COP 26 agreed to support a draft accord to reduce the use of coal-fired power stations and focus instead on natural gas. They must have known that this news would make the price of gas would shoot through the roof. Russia is a huge natural gas exporter and the German action fits in with the ongoing strategy to sabotage Russia's economy. The excuse the Germans seem to be falling back on is Russia's supposed aggression against Ukraine. A senior researcher for the Stockholm International Peace Institute... great Orwellian name that!, said: "The income of the Russian government is highly dependent on revenue from oil and gas exports. After the plans for 2020-22 were published in late 2019, oil prices entered a period of turbulence. These economic factors could constrain Russia's future military spending." Source: The Russian president Vladimir Putin has seen this on the horizon and has threatened an embargo on gas supplies. I don't know how long these threats and to-ing and fro-ing of hostilities will continue, but none of it is necessary. I don't believe Russia is a threat to Ukraine, if the latter would get out of the pockets of the European Union. The same goes for NATO and the EU. That was what the original Ukrainian civil war was all about. The same goes for the various poisonings that have followed, see background links below. It would be nice to live on a continent where these engineered conflicts over petty powerplays didn't happen. Russia is a great nation which has reached its greatest triumph ever. It has stood up to the globalists. Unlike the backlash against the Trump rebellion in the USA, the bad guys have been unable to depose Putin. May they continue to fail forever!
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