Saturday 13 November 2021

Biden DNI Mentions the Aliens

John Ratcliffe, the former Director of National Intelligence, stole the UFOlogical headlines back a few months ago when he gave people an insight into the true nature of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon on a TV interview, see: Now, incredibly, his successor has done the same. Avril Haines is a Biden appointee and the first woman, or should I say "First Woman!", to become DNI. It was she who supervised the release of the UAPTF public summary, see: Ms Haines was attending a public media event at the Washington National Cathedral when she was asked a question about UAP. She answered: "The bottom line is we don't understand everything we're seeing... There's always the question of: is there something else that we simply do not understand that might come extraterrestrially." She falters slightly over the final word, as if unsure of whether she should say it; but then again it is not an easy word to pronounce. Amazingly the interviewer does not follow up on this bombshell. Like David Frost with Benazir Bhutto, it seems to go over his head. Source: This is really a far more significant admission than the one by John Ratcliffe because Ratcliffe's interview was way back in March and by then had been relieved and was no longer in office when he decided to come clean on the alien possibility. Avril Haines is the incumbent; and that changes everything. What she has said must be authorized by her administration. Well, it's possible it might not be, in which case I applaud her for taking the initiative. I hope she doesn't get into trouble with her boss; mind you, running away from Joe Biden wouldn't be difficult. It's astonishing that this incident comes just a few weeks after the head of NASA made a similar comment, see: Interestingly, during the last few months I made a prediction in several publications that the post-June the 25th impasse would be broken round about late autumn, for example see: and: This is happening. Another expert on the panel was Avi Loeb. So it really is an unprecedented development, that a serving Director of National Intelligence, the most senior position in the entire American spying network, appears at a private event with Avi Loeb, the alien hunting astronomer from Harvard and then tables the possibility that UAP are really ET's. This must mean something and I'm truly thrilled to see where it goes from here.
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