Friday 5 November 2021

John Lewis Xmas Alien Ad

Supermarket Christmas TV adverts over the last few years have become a cultural phenomenon. They are high budget and very technically sophisticated; essentially mini-feature films that tell stories, often with attempts at laughter and tears. They are supposed to spread Christmas cheer and usually appear in early November, when people are first starting to plan ahead for the festive season. They have been accused of being propaganda, loaded with politically correct, upsetting or fearful themes, for example: This year's John Lewis advert is the most remarkable I have ever seen. I really didn't expect this, but maybe I should have. It is about aliens and UFO's. This advert tells the story of a young boy who is riding on a bus one day just before Christmas when he sees something fly across the sky leaving a trail of multicoloured smoke, like an aircraft in distress. He gets off the bus and runs to the location of the crash in secluded woodland and sees that it is an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Standing on top of the wreck is a young female Nordic alien. He flees in terror and returns home, but can't stop thinking about what he has just witnessed. He goes back to the crash site and approaches the alien girl. He introduces her to some of the features of Christmastime on planet earth, like tree lights, mince pies and snowball fighting. When he goes back to the site a third time he sees that the ET female has repaired her damaged spacecraft and it is capable of flight. The boy realizes to his dismay that his new friend has to leave the earth. Then, in a scene reminiscent of the film ET- the Extraterrestrial, he gives her a present and she kisses him. The boy watches the girl's spaceship soar away into the sky with tearful eyes. The score of the short is a mellow cover of Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder's Together in Electric Dreams. Source: This touching and absorbing little tale could probably only have been made in this post-2017 world. It may well be a type of propaganda. Fiction intended to promote certain serious and real world ideas in the consumers' brains often takes the form of a poignant narrative with emotionally charged imagery. The person on social media who made me aware of this thinks it might be another of the many current productions that are preparing humanity for the upheaval of realizing that we are not alone. Disclosure with a capital D? Possibly. The fact that it features children is especially significant. It reminds me of the UNICEF video I posted about before, see: The path to Disclosure may lie through the human heart instead of our head; young hearts and minds in particular.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this, Ben!

In a way, it reminded me of an old film from the 70's called "The Christmas Martian" where a young boy and girl make friends with a friendly, space-being who has landed on Earth. A seasonal, family friendly film!


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Glow Tone. Not seen that, but wanna bet it'll be on TV this year? If they are softening us up for D. It reminds me a bot of the schools programme Look and Read and their series The Boy From Space.

car58 said...

I agree with you Ben, it is one of the best John Lewis Christmas Ads. Noted a kind of soft disclosure preparing for what is to come, we are being told a story, and through the eyes of children. Let them be the ambassadors for humanity, innocent and untouched by the politics and the propaganda contrived within the event of an imminent rollout of extraterrestrial contact. Best to let the children take the lead, as grown-ups bring about their usual mess of things, gaged and restrained truth, of what seems to be the next step lending the expansion of our consciousness. A famous African-American singer once belted out "I believe the children are our future". Tragically taken, but remembered. Sorry, it's a little deep, but had to be said.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Not a problem. That's pretty much it, Car58.

Laurence said...

I am not so sure Ben. There is a lot of occult symbolism in the film (the obvious one being the pentagram mark) and allusions to transhumanism/transgenderism. The blasphemy of conflating the alien with Christ is not lost on the viewer, either.

Fake alien invasion would likely be the NWO's last card before their destruction. Predictive programming for that event.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

We'll see, Lawrence. I've always said we should be on our guard against fake D, but the prospect of real D is too important an opportunity to miss. It's a precarious centre ground, but we must tread it.