Tuesday 9 November 2021

S4 Entrance?

When Bob Lazar came forward in 1989 with his story about how he worked at Area 51 back engineering alien flying saucers, he was met with a mixture of interest and skepticism. The skeptics have made good points and at times I have very much doubted Bob Lazar's story. One element of their case against Lazar being truthful is the location of his alleged place of work. The flying saucer laboratory was not situated at Homey Airport, the main Area 51 campus, but in a covert location about ten miles south at Papoose Lake, a dry lake bed similar to Groom Lake, but somewhat smaller. The facility is underground and the hangars containing the extraterrestrial artefacts had doors made to look like part of the natural landscape so that they were invisible to spy satellites and high flying aircraft. Five years after Lazar made his extraordinary assertion, the information superhighway of the World Wide Web emerged and satellite photographs of Area 51 proliferated into the public domain for the first time in its history. These included images of Papoose Lake. It was clear immediately that from high above the location looks like any other part of the natural Nevada wilderness and there is no evidence at all that any secret base exists there. Lazar claimed that the base was subterranean and that its hangar entrances are disguised; however you would still expect there to be some kind of visible surface infrastructure, like doors, access roads, a carpark, ventilation ducts etc. These features are known as "Sauder's laws", after the underground base investigator Dr Richard Sauder, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIA2x2L-Zmo. I myself tried to locate an alleged secret base in England using Sauder's methods, see: https://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com/2017/05/peasemore-4-delta-gate.html. Jeremy Rys, the "Alien Scientist" on YouTube, has totally denounced Bob Lazar as a phoney, partly due to this reason, for example see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39dl3g0BmzQ. However, more information has come to light about Papoose Lake that indicates that something strange is indeed going on there. The first source is an amazing individual called Jerry Freeman. He was an archaeologist and historian with no interest at all in UFO's. His passion lied in retracing the footsteps of the "Lost 49ers", a community of pioneers who trekked across the desert land of Nevada in December 1849. At one point they took their wagon train down the Tikaboo Valley where they crossed the two salt flats of Groom Lake and Papoose Lake. They set up camp at the southern end of the place where Area 51 now stands. How Jerry Freeman attempted to achieve his ambition is a real life story of almost unbelievable daring. In 1997 he actually invaded Area 51. Over the course of a week, he travelled across the forbidden zone, dodging security patrols and searching desperately for springs so he had enough water. He eventually reached the southern end of Papoose Lake and found a few metal implements left there by the '49ers. He camped there overnight and waited for the moon to rise so he had enough light to travel, but while waiting, something strange happened: "Near the mountainous side of Papoose I saw lights. Security vehicles? Hangar doors opening and closing? I don't profess to know." He also reported seeing more lights, this time near the middle of the salt flat, along with feeling vibrations like an earthquake, see: https://lasvegassun.com/news/1997/jul/19/stealth-search-for-history/. See here for my UFO Truth Magazine article about Jerry Freeman: https://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2021/09/ufo-truth-magazine-issue-50.html.
Since then another researcher, this time a dedicated UFOlogist, has discovered more. Andrew Burlington is best known as the world's principle proponent of the "Area 51 Alien Interview", a strange piece of footage appearing to show a grey alien. Despite a high level of skepticism and many research attempts, nobody has ever managed to uncover any people who produced it or how they did it; unlike the far more famous "Alien Autopsy", see: https://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.com/2017/10/alien-autopsy-hoax.html. This leads me to believe that the Interview is real. Andrew, known online as "Victor Nevada", see: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlienInterview/featured, has also been examining the satellite photographs of the area around Bob Lazar's supposed secret base and noticed something out of the ordinary. On the eastern shore of the salt flat there is a spot which looks like a shallow depression in the land at the bottom of which is a patch of green material that could be vegetation. However, if it is a tree or bush, it is the only one of its kind for many miles in any direction; it stands in complete solitude. It is about forty feet across. What's more it lies at the end of a marking on the land that looks like a rough track. It runs from the depression across the salt flat where it appears to be bordered by a row of black objects that could be boulders or milestones. It ends at another spot on the lakeshore where it joins with a very obvious road. It is unpaved and only eight feet across, a single track; yet it is wide enough for the bus Bob Lazar said used to carry him from Homey Airport to S4. The road runs for six miles through the Papoose hills until it joins with the main north-south road between Homey Airport and Creech Air Force Base at Indian Springs, where public land begins. So despite the claims of the doubters, Papoose Lake is being used for some purpose because it has a small access road that ends there; it is not just on the way to somewhere else. Also at the end of the road is something that looks like it could be a ramp leading down to the door of an underground building. If so then the tree was probably deliberately planted there to conceal it; or it might be a fake tree. It is impossible to know for sure without visiting the location on the ground, and even Jerry Freeman only got to within two miles of this spot. If it is a doorway to an underground base then it was designed to fool the most advanced spy satellites from the Soviet Union, later the Russian Federation. No wonder it doesn't reveal all in a Google Earth image. If you want to examine the location for yourself it lies at the grid coordinates: 37°06'37.7"North, 115°50'23.7"West. This is an important piece of evidence that Andrew has discovered. We'll see if anything else turns up in this strange new age of UFOlogy.

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