Saturday 27 November 2021

Q Shaman Jailed

One of the most colourful characters in the conspirasphere has been locked in prison. The man known as "the Q Shaman" and "Jake Angeli", real name Jacob Chansley, was sentenced to forty-one months by a US federal judge for his part in the so-called Capitol Hill riot. Chansley was an unforgettable sight at activism events during the four years of the Trump rebellion with his elaborate tattoos and makeup, topped by an Amerindian fur hat with bison horns. He was among those who were goaded into the Capitol Building in Washington DC during the January the 6th protest. Everything was set up to misrepresent those patriots as thugs and looters, when all they wanted was to overthrow the illegal occupation of the United States and restore the real president, Donald Trump, to office. See here for more details: Originally from Arizona USA, the Q Shaman experienced a spiritual and conspiratorial awakening. He wrote two books: Will and Power- Inside the Living Library and One Mind at a Time- a Deep State of Illusion. He performed street lectures about ley lines, electromagnetic weapons, the Bilderberg Group and occult symbolism in the architecture of government buildings. Here is an interview he did with Alex Jones, see: As you'll gather, he has very similar interests and concerns to me. I'm very sorry and angry that Chansley has been incarcerated. Hopefully his sentence will be shortened by the fact that he has already spent many months on remand. I don't know what the rules are in the United States, but in the UK, a remand prisoner has their sentence reduced at a rate of twice the length of time they were imprisoned before conviction. According to news reports, Chansley has renounced all his professed viewpoints. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that is a ruse to help his legal defence. We'll find out after his release. I wish him luck.
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