Thursday 24 November 2016

French Astronaut UFO Witness warns Earth

Claudie Haigneré is a former French astronaut who took part in two long duration space missions on Mir and the International Space Station, making her one of the most experienced and highly respected space-farers in France. She has even been awarded the Legion d'Honneur, France's highest decoration. She is also a qualified doctor and research neuroscientist. She has an asteroid named after her and her fellow crewmember, and husband, Jean-Pierre Haigneré, 135268 Haigneré (I wonder if that will ever come up in HPANWO Radio Space Weather). In 2002 Claudie Haigneré left the French astronaut programme and became a government minister for technology. Since then she has worked as a CEO in industry. However she has been reported to be acting strangely in the last few years. In 2008 she was rushed to hospital after supposedly overdosing on sedatives. This might be accidental because she was apparently overworking. However it might also be a suicide attempt. She had to be retrained by hospital staff, something I had to do a lot myself when I was a porter, and allegedly yelled out: "Earth must be warned!" At the same time a fire broke out in the laboratory where she was currently employed at the Pasteur Institute. Source: The source article for this new story is cited as Sorcha Faal's infamous website which I usually find very dubious, see: However I was surprised to discover that the fire was real, see: Sorcha Faal cries wolf so often that it's understandable if you dismiss her this time, but could she be telling the truth just this once? Another reason for taking this story about Claudie Haigneré seriously is that she would be one of many astronauts who has had frightening or astonishing UFO encounters in space. Others include Col. Gordon Cooper, Buzz Aldrin and Gennady Strekalov. There is also the more recent strange behaviour of the ISS astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, see background links for more detail. So if Dr Haigneré has information that she feels the earth should be warned about, I urge her to go public with it as soon as possible.

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