Thursday 3 November 2016

Brexit Betrayed

When the Referendum on whether the UK should leave the European Union took place on June the 23rd, see background links below, it was called just that; a decision the government agreed to give to the British people on the future of our country. Now, after four months have passed, the authorities are talking about it in retrospect as if it were nothing more than an opinion poll. This is exactly what I predicted. I also predicted that it wouldn't be as simple and blunt as a second referendum, despite the slimy pronouncements of that odious sewer rat Tony Blair, see: It would be a far craftier manoeuvre. The actual way they've done it is to harness the issue to a supposedly independent campaign group that has "forced the government's hand" via the judiciary. Gina Miller is not a politician or a lawyer. She works in the City as an investment manager and runs several charities. She launched a crowd-funded campaign with a few of her friends called "the People's Challenge" which has won a case against the government in the High Court. The Prime Minister Teresa May, to give her credit where due, wants to trigger Article 50 as soon as possible herself as a result of the referendum result, but this ruling means she can't. Instead Britain can only leave the EU via an act of Parliament. This will take a very long time, probably months. What's more it may well be rejected, if not by the House of Commons then by the House of Lords who are bedecked with Europhiles. Mzzzz Miller and her accomplices have really upset the apple cart here, intentionally. As I said in my most recent previous Brexit article, the time it takes alone could be enough to ruin the entire process and force Britain to stay in the EU. Source: This has caused an almighty mess for the government. They now have to consider the option of whether to appeal in the Supreme Court of the UK. If they lose the appeal, or they choose not to; they can try to sort this out quickly with a "substantive motion", a means of fast-tracking the necessary legislation. However, I wouldn't be surprise if they're forced to pass an entire "Article 50 bill"; this is what the claimants already say they want. It could even get as ludicrous as the European Court deciding!... Talk about a conflict of interests. The implications of this ruling are enormous. We could end up with a "half-Brexit" or Brexit with various conditions, as Nigel Farage has commented... no doubt seething at having his retirement foiled a second time. Or it could even roll back the entire matter and keep Britain as it is in the EU, which is what I suspect and fear. Whatever happens, it is going to take a very long time. Teresa May had been hoping to trigger Article 50 next March; now that is out of the question, thanks to the treachery of the claimants, or whoever is pulling their strings. Who knows what else will happen as the cogs of the law slowly grind towards the outcome we're not supposed to reach. This is exactly what I predicted back in June!


Neil Austin said...

Reminds me of Bohemian Rhapsody
Mzzz Miller! No! We will not let you go! Let him go!
Mzzz Miller! etc...

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Neil, I hope there will be a devil put aside for her!