Saturday 12 November 2016

Lake Monster in Alaska

Some remarkable footage has emerged from Alaska USA showing what has been described as a "lake monster like Nessie". The supposed creature was seen swimming just below the surface, not in a lake, but in the Chena river near Fairbanks. Unlike the previous alleged aquatic cryptid image, see:, this contains a lot of additional detail and is sourced from an official agency, the United States Bureau of Land Management. The creature is estimated to be twelve to fifteen feet long and looks like a large fish. It has ice encrusted on the top of its body, which indicates it had recently been exposed to the air for a long period; something fish don't often do. Skeptics say it is just a length of rope dragging in the current, but it looks to me like it is actively moving itself. It could be a known species of fish like a sturgeon of a big catfish. It's hard to be sure; maybe more evidence will come to light soon. Source:

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