Sunday 9 May 2021

Bryce Zabel's White Pill

Richard Dolan has perked up a bit since his black pill period a few weeks ago, see: (I have found out since writing that article that one of Dolan's parents died, which would explain his somewhat triste attitude. I must therefore apologize for giving him such a hard time and offer my deepest condolences.) His co-author of AD- After Disclosure, Bryce Zabel, disagreed with him considerably in their recent debate, see: Since then Zabel has published more material indicating that he has maintained a generally more optimistic vision of the Disclosure train's track than Dolan has. Zabel writes a blog called "Trail of the Saucers". He has a few guest contributors too, like Ryan Sprague and Carolyn Brouillard. In Zabel's post entitled Coming UAP Report May Blow Minds he gives a summary of the progress made so far this year; the upcoming UATPF June report, Directors Brennan and Ratcliffe's admissions etc. It turns out that Ratcliffe's successor, Avril Haines has already stated that the intelligence community will honour the commitment pledged in President Trump's UAPTF authorization act. Unlike Dolan, Zabel thinks that it would be very difficult politically to delay or obfuscate the June publication. He reminds us of Senator Harry Reid, the organizer of AATIP and former Senate Majority Leader saying to the New Yorker in all seriousness that Lockheed-Martin has UAP crash debris in its possession. Source: Well, this is what Richard Dolan called the "red line". It's certainly possible now that we might cross it. I found Bryce Zabel's article very inspiring. It is obvious that post 2017 small d disclosure still has a lot of momentum and we can expect it to go much further. The prospect of replacing the small d with a capital D is truly upon us. Zabel ends with the words: "People get ready." I am, Bryce.
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