Friday 7 May 2021

Boris' Gunboat Election

The UK local elections have resulted in another thrashing for Labour by the Tories. Counting is still underway and there is still time for a hidden upheaval, but we don't use Dominion voting machines in the UK, and I think that kind of thing is unlikely in this election anyway. So far the Conservatives have gained an extra four councils and ninety-nine seats. Labour have lost three and 123 respectively, mostly to the Tories. The biggest shocker was the loss of the Hartlepool Parliamentary seat in the by-election by almost seven thousand votes, that's a 16% swing against Labour. It has been a Labour constituency since it was created in 1974 and was considered one of the party's safest. Calum from Sargon of Akkad's Podcast of the Lotus Eaters calls it an "extinction event", see: Slimy Keir Starmer is saving face in the typically robotic political way. What was amazing was when he said "(Labour has) lost the trust of working people... We have not made a strong enough case to the country" he made it sound like this was a stunning new revelation that he discovered first. Well, no excrement, Sherlock! I hope he's not planning to drown his sorrows in a pub... Starmer's leadership has deepened and widened the splits in his party. His persecution of Jeremy Corbyn for being "antee-suh-mittick!" was unforgivable, see: Corbyn has still not been fully exonerated and this has inflamed his supporters, understandably. At the same time "woke Labour" have learned the lesson the hard way that if you call your white electorate "uneducated privileged racist gammon!" then guess what? They're not going to vote for you; QE and effing D! No results for London mayor are available right now, but it is obvious Sadiq Khan will keep his gavel. I hope David Kurten and Laurence Fox gain some support, see: Piers Corbyn is also standing and he's another candidate I admire. So far "Reform UK" have gained two councillors. If you're wondering who I mean then I'm talking about what used to be the Brexit Party. I don't know who chose the new name, but it is a terrible one. The populist right in Britain has generally gone downhill. Maybe they think now Brexit is done and dusted their job is complete. Nothing could be further from the truth. Source:
I did not vote in this election. We have unfortunately gone back to the bad old days of politics now that Boris Johnson has sunk into the swamp. There is an independent candidate in my ward called David Henwood whom I was tempted to back simply out of principle because he was independent, but in the end I decided it wasn't worth it. There is an interesting backdrop to this year's local elections. There has been a maritime standoff in the vicinity of Jersey which emerged out of the Brexit deal. French fishing trawlers have blockaded the island's principle port, St Helier. The Channel Islands are much closer to France than England, lying about fifteen miles off the coast on Normandy, but they are British Crown Dependencies, therefore are now outside the European Union. The fishermen demand licences to drop their nets in Jersey's territorial waters and the French government are backing them up. They have even threatened to cut off Jersey's electricity supply, which is provided by underwater cables from the mainland. Boris has responded by sending two Royal Navy ships to police the protest. Luckily the confrontation never escalated to shots being fired, but it is a warning sign that more conflict is likely to emerge in the future. In a way it is a good sign because it shows that there is progress in transferring Britain's fishing industry into its new independent form and the remoaners are throwing their usual spanners in the works. I don't understand how Boris can maintain his positive position on Brexit while merging seamlessly with the globalist establishment on almost every other issue. As for France, it could be that events in its domestic politics might make the whole wrangle a moot point, but I'll cover that in a future article.
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