Friday 14 May 2021

Another Good YouTube Comment

I don't often share my social media activity on HPANWO, but I'm going to on this occasion as I did once before, see: This time it is on a YouTube video that promotes one of my biggest concerns with UFOlogy, its threatened infection with feminism. It was on Erica Lukes' channel where she interviews Karyn Dolan, see: Below is a copy of my comment:
On the subject of "Women in UFOlogy!". I had a debate with Paola Harris about this on Planet X Radio. I still disagree with her (although it was a civilized discussion and we are still on good terms). If there is a "scarcity" of women at UFOlogy events then this does not mean necessarily that there is anything wrong. Any attempt to force a balance in that regard would be incredibly destructive. "More women" can so easily be translated into "fewer men" and is has been. How many does not count as "scarcity"? Without proper definitions it's impossible to know and this is why I consider this situation rather Orwellian. Men considerably outnumber women in UFOlogy and they always will. I consider this to be a simple product of human biodiversity, one of the perfectly harmless natural inequalities in life. Some inequalities are harmless because no individual is held back by them. UFO's are simply a "blokey" subject that, when generalizing, for totally benign and organic reasons, are more likely to appeal to the male psyche than the female. It's part of what makes men and women essentially different. Natural inequality is the reason why nobody ever goes up to a basketball team and says: "Why are you all black? You should sign up some white guys! We need equality on this team! There's no balance!" There are many exceptions of course. Erica, Paola and Karyn are one of them. I assert that there is absolutely nothing precluding a woman who wants to from getting involved in UFOlogy if she chooses. Women have made enormous contributions to UFOlogy; in fact would the scene even exist without them? Paola herself is one of the biggest superstars in the field. she is widely respected. Everywhere I go people speak very highly of her. I've been at two conferences with her where she has been treated as an honoured guest. Isn't that enough? And who can forget Butler, Street, Randles and Bruni, the "four horsewomen of Rendlesham Forest"? It is not only in UFOlogy that this myth can be found. In fact in every institution where men outnumber women, from university science departments to computer game fan clubs, the pejorative phrase: "dominated by men" will be heard and the cry goes out: "Something is wrong here! Something needs to be fixed!" They invariably assume that there is some kind of cackling hand-rubbing cabal of male chauvinist pigs actively or subconsciously maintaining their male exclusivity, but evidence for this is rarely found. It is simply an assumption, because we've been conditioned to think that men and women are identical except for our role in reproduction. What's more, this is certainly not the case in UFO research; I'd be the first to object is it was. Nothing needs to be fixed because nothing is wrong. Interestingly, in Spiritualism, which I am also interested in along with UFO's, the sexual ratio is the opposite to UFOlogy, it's about 70 to 80% women. Does that mean I should see myself as a victim? Am I oppressed?
This comment was actually paraphrased from a Facebook one I posted in yet another debate I had on this matter a few months ago with Paola Leopizzi Harris. You'll no doubt agree it is polite and civilized; but, having read it again, I think if anything it is more generous and conciliatory than I feel today. It is too full counter-signalling. This indicates I have consolidated on this matter since I last debated with Paola.
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Steven Speilberg's CIA Stalker said...

"for totally benign and organic reasons, are more likely to appeal to the male psyche than the female".
Agreed Ben. Females tend to be more resolutely earthy than males, for obvious reasons.
As for equality, it's all one way. My old uni now has 60%+ females to <40% males student ratio and of course, there is not a mere mention of the phenomenon, despite of the fact that the institution has dropped like a stone in the world university rankings (I wonder why, I mean what could possibly be the problem???)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

SS, it's because your old uni has embraced the delusion of wokeism. It is trying to force equality on a species where such a thing is impossible. Their failure simply drives them to double down because rejection of equality is regarded as immoral. They're caught in a trap.