Thursday 20 May 2021

Obama Mentions UFO's

Former US president Barack Obama appeared on the TV programme The Late Late Show with James Corden. The show features a live studio band and during the interview with Obama the band leader, Reggie Watts, asks him about the current UFO media stories. Watts says: "It doesn't means it's aliens... but do you have a theory about that?" The president's response is extraordinary: "When it comes to aliens, there are some things I just can't tell you. When I came into office I asked, is there a lab somewhere where we're keeping the alien specimens and spaceship? They did some research and the answer was no. But what is true, and I'm being serious, there are footage and records of objects in the sky where we don't know exactly what they are. They did not have an easily explainable pattern. People keep investigating, trying figure out what that is, but I have nothing to report to you today." He then makes a joke. The hosts were laughing while the president was speaking. Source: Funnily enough Obama commented on UFO's once before where he denies he even asked about them, see: Will this list of prominent people commenting on UFO's never end? Who's next? The Queen? Vladimir Putin? Russell Brand?... Oh sorry, he's already done it, see: This admission came a few days after an article by the famous New York Times columnist Ezra Klein that has raised a few eyebrows. In it he cites the works of Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean while he gives an overview of the situation and states that there is no longer a "taboo" against addressing UFO's seriously. He continues: "Imagine, tomorrow, an alien craft crashed down in Oregon... So we are faced with the knowledge that we're not alone, that we are perhaps being watched... How does that change human culture and society?" This is one question that has been asked for decades in psychological think-tanks and windowless boardrooms. Now it's being presented openly to media consumers. Klein goes on to raise a series of philosophical ideas towards extraterrestrial life. Source: A few days ago Corbell and Knapp released the footage of an object spotted by the USS Omaha that has so far only been viewed as a still, see here for background: We also had a UFO spot on 60 Minutes, America's top news and current affairs show. It's the equivalent of it being raised on the BBC's Newsnight... and believe it or not that has happened as this article goes to post, see: There's nothing in these reports new to people closely following the subject, but the 60 Minutes one did include the first testimony of a new witness, the pilot Alex Dietrich. This is probably what has caused the current furore. I am sensing more and more that this series of media soundbites is some kind of controlled mass-publication, a kind of theatre. for what purpose? Capital D Disclosure; or something else? A friend of mine, one with no interest at all in UFO's, Tweeted today that she laughed because a classic rock radio station she often listened to started talking about UAP's. When the subject appears in areas it doesn't normally, that's a healthy sign.
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